We wrote about the collaborative brewery that had set it’s eyes on Parramore back in April, and now we finally have an update.

Broken Strings and Black Cauldron breweries have combined forces to bring Broken Cauldron Brewery to West Church Street [Gmap]. Their proposal is being looked at by the City’s Municipal Planning Board on July 21, and according to the City’s website, staff is hoping to approve it.

The brewery is asking for a two-part conditional use permit to allow eating and drinking via a tasting room, and alcohol sales within 1,000 SF of a church.

The previous estimated opening date was some time in Autumn, but with the permitting progress delay we are unsure if it has been pushed back.

UPDATE – They are still on track for a November opening and have been approved by the MPB.



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  1. I’m glad to see some more development in the area and along this corridor. The one thing I would be interested to know is, as the area becomes more developed, would the owners be willing to forgo their surface parking lots to make this area truly a walkable destination downtown? Imagine if Park Ave had been built with every building having an adjacent surface lot – it certainly wouldn’t be the hangout it is now. Obviously Church Street doesn’t quite have that walkability yet – but you know, just looking into the future…

  2. for game days when the magic or lions play. Will it be impossible to go to the brewery to grab some beer before games becuase the place was not designed for that or will it be large enough to accommodate the 20k people who will be in the area

  3. I don’t think we would be getting approval if the space is too small….what is your concern with the size?

  4. With the tasting room and beer garden out front…we hope it is a place people visit on game days.

  5. i get that, im just wondering if this will be a place we visit on gamedays or if its really just too small?