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Orlando Weekly reported earlier in the week that City Fish (Facebook) had closed on Sunday, July 13, confirmed by this post on the restaurant’s website.
The seafood restaurant, run by the Thornton Park Restaurant Group, a branch of Ustler Development Inc., was closed in order to open a new restaurant concept.
It’s still too early to say what the exact concept will be, but according to other reports, it will be Asian-inspired. We managed to snap a screenshot of this placeholder logo from the TPRG website for the upcoming restaurant.
The new restaurant should open this fall.
The former Urban ReThink space, just next door, is also set to be rehabbed into a new restaurant concept, but there aren’t any details on what TPRG has planned, yet.

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  1. I’m a Nurse and a Massage Therapist… I don’t know anything about operating a restaurant, but I live right across the street and would love to see something there that I could frequent… We love WOB, Anthonys, Wild Side, Graffiti Junction and Dexters and usually hit one of those at least once a week. SoCo and Shari Sushi are just a bit pricey for my budget.

  2. About time .. Never like it .. Please bring some good food… And Nothing southern please

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I just checked it out their website. I forgot about Urban Rethink being there too. Makes sense that they own that too. So only Starbucks and Ustler ventures can survive there.

  4. Kyle the building is owned by the Ustler group they also own the restaurants that have and are opening..

  5. Another Asian place a few blocks from Little Vietnam?… I was hoping for something different. Downtown has no Indian restaurants.

  6. Let’s hope they get a better lease deal. That building has to be way overpriced. Only Starbucks can afford to stay there.

  7. resh seafood is SO difficult to come by in this town… Lombardi’s prices are a bit pricely and the supermarkets’ frozen varieties are just … Frozen. Another MalayAsian street vendor spot? sometimes imitation is the sincerest form of Saturation… How bout an IndoPaki or Eastern European Slavic food spot instead, dare I use a phrase foreign to this landscape,GASP, “Unique/Original”?!! Unfortunately, Downtown commercial lease prices are So high that it makes it nearly impossible for any decent ethnic place at an affordable pricepoint to even consider a location in the Eola corridor.

  8. Please let it not be another farm to table southern rustic cuisine. Need something more contemporary