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According to The Daily City the long-time drink vendor at the Orlando Farmers Market (Website) at Lake Eola has been replaced by World of Beer – Downtown.

Starting August 1, the family-run beer tent (operated by the Beemer family) in the center of the market will be replaced by a tent operated by the Tampa-based beer chain, that recently opened a location nearby on Lake Eola.

World of Beer declined to comment on the change and what their plan for the space will be.

The Farmers Market takes place every Sunday on the Southeastern corner of Lake Eola. The beer tent is a crowd favorite for post-brunch drinking, most likely due to their $10 all-you-can-drink mimosa deal and affordable draft beer options.

UPDATE – According to Dana Brown, the owner of Red Top Productions, a third party contractor that manages the Farmers Market, the City required an RFP to be submitted for the contract to provide beverages at the market. The Beemer family was outbid by World of Beer, which is why they are no longer going to be at the market. The particulars of the deal and what services will be provided will be discussed on Friday, July 17. Brown will be giving Bungalower an update on the contract as soon as possible.

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  1. I’m excited for the changes. Not only will the $12 All You Can Drink Mimosas stay the same but there will now be a designated mimosa line. And rumor has it that there will be four rare, speciality, and local taps as well as a variety of wine!

  2. Glad to hear it wasn’t about the money, but still hate to see a chain come into a farmer’s market.

  3. There are no dollars involved. World of Beer will only pay $30/week plus 4 hours of one police officer and all insurance and permits.

  4. Why and how. The Beemers created a family atmosphere. Everyone knew them and appreciated them. Sad when larger chains bully family owned businesses

  5. Kinda Silly. WOB is 100 yards away from the Farmer’s Market. Just as silly as the Olive Garden / White Castle food trucks. The thing that makes the farmers market appealing is the fact that you can get what’s being offered everyday unless you go out of your way – and the freshness. The market vendors brings it to you once a week because lord knows I need my wheat grass shot. If WOB was a local brewery maybe it would look better and make a little more sense. On the other hand, I’m not sure how many people will notice or care. I’ll be on the look out for that Burger King tent next month.

  6. A big company swooping in to take over what a family owned business help build and cultivate… Yeah, that’s real exciting. U0001f610

  7. Yeah, because large companies stomping on the little guys is what a Farmers Market is all about.
    No thanks WOB, I’ll also be sure to never eat there again. ✌????️

  8. Interesting to see that the chain outbid the family business, but I wonder what that is going to mean for the prices that the customers end up paying????

  9. Never happy to see family owned anything replaced by a chain. I guess authenticity is second to the dollars for the city. This is a fail if you want Orlando to have any character at all, especially its own. Next the other vendors will be replaced with Target and Panera Bread.