Photo courtesy of Google Maps
Photo courtesy of Google Maps
Photo courtesy of Google Maps

The Houlihan’s restaurant (Website) in the Colonial Plaza [Gmap] is closing this Sunday – although wait staff that Bungalower chatted with this Sunday said it could happen even sooner.

This is the last Florida location for the casual dining restaurant chain.

According to staff, the restaurant will be replaced by a Miller’s Orlando Ale House (Website).

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  1. How come? I love Houlihan’s. Going there tomorrow for lunch. I will miss my scollop’s risotto and my 2 for 1 vodka soda’s.

  2. That’s good. FYI, I used to have to walk by their dumpster on my way to work at another restaurant. The GROSSEST thing I’ve EVER witnessed at any food establishment. If that dumpster pad was any indication of how clean the rest of the kitchen was…I’m glad I’ve never ate there!

  3. About time. That place could never cook any food I ordered there correctly. I gave this place multiple chances to get it right and they failed at every chance I gave them.

  4. Yes but I am glad about that. I know it is not a culinary experience but i love the atmosphere and football watching! They have an OK gluten free menu too.

  5. It’s probably because they got rid of my favorite goat cheese and artichoke poppers appetizer. That’s what you get, Houlihans! U0001f61d

  6. The menu was ok but it always so dark so I didn’t like the atmosphere and ale house is meh

  7. Was never a fan of overpriced mediocrity. A shame they didn’t put a Cheddars in there.

  8. I detest any and all Ale Houses, so i will have to drink my share of Long Island Iced Tea pitchers before Sunday — Rebecca Rodenbrock!!!

  9. We stopped going to Houlihan’s years ago, after our third meh experience. Too many other, better options in the area.
    I’ve always liked the Ale House. Maybe it’s nostalgia for my 20’s and hanging out at the one on University and Semoran, but it’s a great place to watch Sunday football and eat something with 1500 calories. I will never regret eating a plate full of loaded zingers. Comfort food all the way.

  10. Yea…. A new place that charges $6.50 for a beer. I always liked Houlihans. Had great drink prices.

  11. Thinking of my friends that work there but One door closes Better one opens!

  12. Yeah. When I left we had heard rumors, but I’ve known about the ACTUAL close for a few days

  13. Hoolihans to close and ale house to open… So basically they’re just changing the sign on the outside