Photo via Chicago's Stuffed Pizza Facebook page
Photo via Chicago's Stuffed Pizza Facebook page
Photo via Chicago’s Stuffed Pizza Facebook page

Chicago’s Stuffed Pizza (Facebook) has closed.

We were unable to reach anyone at the restaurant to confirm the closure but according to servers in the neighboring Hamburger Mary restaurant (Facebook | Website), the deep dish pizza joint on Church Street [GMap] has been closed for the past two weeks.

The pizza restaurant was located along the back southeastern side of the same building that Mary’s is located in, facing the SunRail tracks.

Bungalower reader, Eric Agostinelli, sent us the following photo to tip us off.

Photo by Eric Agostinelli

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  1. Their pizza was good but that location is horrible. I must have walked by it a dozen times before I ever noticed it was there. It looks like it’s the side door for something else.

  2. Could be due to their horrible choice of signage. What was that supposed to be Pac Man Pizza? Not a way to build brand awareness. I always assumed it was just another cheap slice of pizza place.

  3. I wish places would have the common courtesy to post a notice on Facebook when they are closing. You know something like it was a good run and thank you all for the support. Instead they just disappear one day and people travel out there only to not even find an explanation on the door. It’s the least any business could do for regulars and to show some class.

  4. Wendy so glad I bought $40 worth of Groupons for that place… U0001f610 #chigagosstuffedpizzafail

  5. It’s another one of those cursed locations. It doesn’t help, either, that the entrance is on the side and signage is usually horrible. Maybe someone will come in with a concept that will stick. Like the corner of Washington and Hyer, where there was a long succession of restaurants (some great, most lackluster) before Graffiti Junktion came in and made it work.

  6. Aw, I liked Don Jefe’s. It is not easy to find a place with vegetarian/vegan options and good drinks when going to Mad Cow Theatre.

  7. Stephen Cagnina …. keep an eye on that former location of Don Jefe’s and the bar that was next to it. … a pretty cool concept is headed there, and that’s all I can say for now.

  8. Yea, very unorganized, I did like the pie I had. Tastes Of Orlando did a review there when they opened. Only issues, #1. Tough location. #2 If you didn’t call ahead, your pie was going to take over 30 minutes to cook. Somebody just needs to turn it back into a bar, or a cool night club.

  9. Anyone know if Don Jefe’s (and the place connected to it) on Church Street closed? I went on a Saturday evening recently and it was all dark inside.

  10. That space is such a tough location. I wonder if they’re going to get their Maitland location open or not