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Software company Esri (Website) has created a new searchable map, called Tapestry Segmentation, that combines census and marketing data to break down who lives where, and what kind of spending/living habits they have.

Typing ZIP Code 32803 into the map search option reveals that 37% of residents are what Esri calls “Emerald City” – mostly young, mobile, well educated people who like to rent in low density, urban neighborhoods. They are “politically liberal and donate to NPR and donate to PBS.”

13% of 32803 dwellers are labeled as “Metro Renters” – young individuals who are mobile, educated or still in school, who like to live alone or with a roommate in rented apartments or condos. According to Esri, “most of our income goes for rent, fashions, and the latest technology … we live close to our jobs so we can either walk to work or take a cab.”

By comparison, 32801 is comprised mostly of “Metro Renters”, 6% “Emerald City” and 8% Retirement Communities.

32789 in Winter Park was made up of 14% “Urban Chic” – well-educated, married couples, families and singles who live in the suburbs … professional and managerial positions in technical and legal occupations fund our exclusive, upscale, and sophisticated lifestyles.” Houses range from pre-war to new construction and two thirds own their own homes. Median Household Income in 32789 is $53,000 a year.

To try the map for yourself, click HERE.




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  1. This is so detailed, it’s crazy. I love it. I live right on the border of 32803 and 32801, so I already know about the clash between Lake Eola Heights and downtown.

  2. This is so accurate U0001f602 my neighborhood is “Metro Fusion” and my parents is “Soccer Moms” lol. Not gonna lie, I’ll probably use this map when looking for my next place.

  3. Yeap… before that was considered an ethical breach now it is called geoanalytics. .. I have watched a documentary at MSNBC that talks about linking this with face recognition – at yhe moment you walk in a coffee shop for saying you get an email or text with something about that place…. geofence!!! U0001f631