At approximately 8:30 p.m. Thursday night, the Winter Park Police Department were dispatched to Kenwood Avenue to investigate a possible shooting of a dog, just north of Park Avenue [GMap].

According to reports by witnesses, Lily, a 14-year old large white dog, was off-leash and approached a man who was out walking with his wife and corgi. When Lily got too close, the man pulled out a gun and opened fire.

The following is the police report filed.

Due to the graphic nature of this story, we have decided not to post photos of the dog in question.

dog 1
Screen cap #1 of original police report
dog 2
Screen cap #2 of original police report
dog 3
Screen cap #3 of original police report
dog 4
Screen cap #4 of original police report

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. Since when does a 70 year old disabled man have to wait to be bitten in order to stop a dog attack?
    Since when can a person continually allow their dog to roam a residential neighborhood without a leash? Being as how the law requires that and all…

  2. The dog had stopped…. “charging” makes it sound like it kept going and was about to leap onto them. What an exageration. Get mad at the owner, but shooting a dog who came over to make friends with your dogs is a gross overreaction.

  3. The dog who was shot was old, had no history of attacking anyone or shown any aggressive behaviour. If you’re scared of the occasional dog who gets away from his owner, carry a stick. Even dogs on leashes get away sometimes. I have a friend whose dog slips out of the house if someone who isn’t aware of how the dog will sneak out comes to visit and opens the door wide. No one is perfect, and no matter the reason for Lily being off her leash, there is no excuse for shooting it.

  4. If this poor dog who was shot was really a nuisance, the shooter could have at least tried takling to the owner first, or filed a report. What he did was out of line and heartless. I’m not against guns, but it should be a last resort, and in this situation, I can’t imagine it ever being ok.

  5. Thank you bungalower for posting official police report. I didn’t know there are 4 testimonials to this report.

  6. If the dog bit him, than by all means… The dog didn’t ever do such thing. Since when are we allowed to shoot animals or people that run towards us and don’t do any harm to us? Something to ponder…

  7. Sick. Who shoots a 14 year old dog. I hope the guy pays for this. He should be shot

  8. Yeah Eddie, “shame on” the guy for defending himself. Let’s not talk about the irresponsible owners who let their dog off the leash.

  9. Cool. Post a picture and address of a man who did nothing wrong.
    Keep your mongrel’s on a leash and they won’t get shot.

  10. Yea I’m sure trying to talk some sense into the dog would have protected him just the same.

  11. Pepper spray would have worked just as well and caused no lasting effect. Another idiot with a gun.

  12. It surely wasn’t a last resort for that dog. Sounds like it was the only thing he tried. U0001f61e

  13. My dog has run out, while I was answering the door, after another dog. Luckily, my neighbor bent down to pet him instead of shooting him. That’s just unacceptable. It’s not like this pooch is an attack dog or violent dog. This makes me feel sick.

  14. That is crazy…why would you be carring a gun to walk a dog a block off park ave.?on the side of the dog…was he mean or did the guy just shoot? I tjink the guy used bad judgement.

  15. Anyone who wants to and has a permit. A lot more people than you think and it’s their right to do so.
    Most of us, however, never, ever want to use that gun.
    It’s a last resort. I find it hard to believe that I couldn’t subdue a dog with only my hands…and without hurting the dog.

  16. I recognize there are no good outcomes from this situation. In this case a dog lost his eye, but it could have easily been a man writhing in pain at the hospital with a reinjured back.
    If you can’t control your dog, if your dog will not stop immediately when commanded, it has no business being off leash, laws or not.

  17. Now that very well bodied elderly couple is suffering bad on social media.. shame on that IDIOT for shooting a Samoyed

  18. Eddie Nickell By all accounts Lily was off leash and charged at the elderly couple walking their small dogs. If she had been on leash this would never have happened to her. I have shared my life with large dogs, small dogs and in-between dogs and have learned to be responsible for my dogs the hard way. Unfortunately, Lily’s owner now has also learned the hard way. At least Lily survived.

  19. Gail MAYBE the YAHOO shouldnt have had a hand gun and shot the dog in the eye.. Samoyeds are loving calm regal dogs.

  20. Wow. Unfortunate all around. Had Lily been on her leash as WP law requires, she would not have lost her eye. Very sad.

  21. If charged by a dog, at night. You have seconds to respond. You don’t know if its going to be friendly or not. You have your own dog and family to protect. The charges that could be filed would be against the owner who allowed her dog off leash that caused this initial incident. Furthermore, the family that felt threatened could file civil charges against the lady for mental anguish. Understand, people are attacked by dogs everyday, you don’t know if a dog is friendly or for if theyre charging at night or even during the day. Would you risk harm to yourself or family? Also, under Florida law, the man is within his rights.

  22. Control your dogs people. As a dog owner who walks his dog on a LEASH, I sympathize with somebody minding their own business walking with his family and dogs when a loose aggressive dog charges at you. I don’t necessarily condone shooting a dog, but I get it. I do feel bad that Lilly’s owner had to sacrifice her dog’s eye so she could learn a lesson about personal responsibility.

  23. I have absolutely no sympathy for someone who can’t control their dogs and lies to the police to try to get someone in trouble.