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Ask Bungalower: What are the occupancy rates of the apartment buildings downtown?


Data courtesy of Urbanista Orlando
Data courtesy of Urbanista Orlando

Our friends and allies over at Urbanista Orlando (Website), have been hard at work rounding up the latest occupancy rates of the downtown residential towers for us.

Data for Crescent Central Station, 420 Artisan, Sevens, and Lexington Court was not available yet at the time of this post.

Urbanista is a real estate and property management group that specializes in downtown living. They only work in urban, walkable markets like SoDo, Mills/50, Baldwin Park, College Park and other Bungalower neighborhoods.

Editor’s Note: 55 West recently had a drop in their percentage due to the opening of their new suites, which we wrote about HERE.


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  1. Good to know because I’m tired of people commenting about “another tower sitting empty” everytime new construction is announced. The fact is, the demand is there and people do live downtown.

  2. Reminds me of when I read an article about how almonds are good for you according to a study funded by almond growers.
    If you want an idea of how many people are living in a high rise the old trick is to drive by around 9pm and see how many places are lit up.

  3. Coming from someone in the property management career – if you call a property and ask for a market survey, they’re always going to juke the stats to make themselves look good. And btw – I don’t see Lake Ivanhoe Shores on there.

  4. Except, since they’re living in a walkable downtown, they might have walk out to get food or drinks, to a movie or the park, or visiting friends around the corner. You know, enjoying the benefits of downtown living.

  5. If those people are out then the streets surely will be crowded with people so it should be easy to tell.
    NYC residential high rises are lit up a night.

  6. I can’t speak for any other building downtown, but here at the Vue our parking garage is pretty damn full. One could safely assume garage occupancy is proportionate to unit occupancy. Also, there are a lot of people out and about on weekdays at 9pm.

  7. No one I know that lives downtown has roommates. Of course there surely are people that do, just wanted to a add color to your statement. I would be very surprised if downtown had a higher percentage of roommate living situations vs suburbanites

  8. that’s a fantastic idea, rather than looking at a rent roll. I am sure all the night shift nurses have left their lights on for their cats.

  9. I think there is definitely demand. My criticism of these residential towers is that there needs to be housing for a diverse range of incomes. These buildings only seem to serve higher income brackets.

  10. Yeah, I lived in the Paramount for years and my biggest headache was waiting for the elevator because there were so damn many people in the building.

  11. I live downtown with no roommate. My building is a lot more diverse than people might think. Families, retired folks, young single people, etc.

  12. I believe the figures, but occupancy could mean just the percentage of units rented, regardless if someone actually lives there.

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