Vegan Black Metal Chef: The Seitanic Spellbook – LINK

Target: $35,000

Currently Raised: $55,203

Best Reward: $10 – E-Book and album download

Mission: An “ultra visual, multimedia cookbook to teach amazing vegan cooking with a fist-full of metal.”

Watch the amazing video below:



Cigarette Ashes to Art – LINK

Target: $3,800

Currently Raised: $40

Mission:Colombian artist, Lain Mejia, has been living in the US for 11 years, and according to his Kickstarter page, has been thinking about creating art with cigarette ashes the whole time. Mejia claims that he will be donating 40 percent of each piece sold to the fight against cancer.


This image has been blurred/censored

Zero [email protected](%$ Given Coin – LINK

Target: $2,000

Currently Raised: $8,500

Best Reward: “$5 – early bird special: one coin”

Mission: To get the tools needed to create a series of coins people can give out when they literally give “zero [email protected](%$” about something. Gift the coin to “whiney friends, bosses, co-workers, drunken strangers, significant others … no one is safe.”


Robert Downey Jr. helped to gift this boy with an Iron Man-themed prosthetic limb

Limbitless Books and Bionics – LINK

Target: $25,000

Currently Raised: $4,261

Best Reward: $350 – donate a limb

Mission: To bring 75 bionic limbs and books to displaced Syrian children. Limbitless Solutions, a local non profit that specializes in mechanical prosthetics for children (using a combination of 3D printing and electromyography), is partnering with Help Syria to take their mission global.



The Westinghouse Nucli Smart Lock – LINK

Target: $50,00

Currently Raised: $72,738

Best Reward: “$299 – early bird: Nucli”

Mission: “Stay safe with fingerprint recognition, camera and voice communication, voice mail and auto-locking.” This is a smart lock that you can control with your smart phone.



Orlando Indie Comedy Fest – LINK

Target: $1,000

Currently Raised: $237

Best Reward: “$1 – Feeney will touch someone’s butt”

Mission: To bring 40 out-of-town comics to Orlando for an event spanning four days and involving over 20 events.



Ducking Ducks – LINK

Target: $2,000

Currently Raised: $65

Best Reward: “$10 – one original duck”

Mission: Launching a rubber duck delivery service … “the cost of sending a rubber duck to someone is much less than sending flowers or fruit and it has just as much impact if not more.”



Oche Pong, Balls to the Wall Beer Pong – LINK

Target: $4,000

Currently Raised: $4,225

Best Reward: “$20 – early bird: single board”

Mission: Seriously, it’s beer pong, but on your wall, or the back of your truck.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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