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Process Architecture LLC (Website) has designed a series of illuminated bus stops in a nod to the vintage signage all along the Mills 50 corridor. In partnership with LYNX, the new L-shaped shelters will be installed between now and the end of October.

The steel frame will feature a translucent solid polymer panel to form, according to the architects, “a vandal-resistant cladding for the shelter allowing the structure to read-through the skin in the daylight.” The shelters will also change color as riders wait to board and exit their buses. They will respond to passing buses as well.

The funding of the shelters was a partnership between LYNX and Commissioner Patty Sheehan.  According to LYNX officials, LYNX paid for the shelters using Federal Grant Funds from the Federal Transit Administration, what it normally would for a bus shelter and the commissioner made up the remaining balance.

The stops will be located by the Colonialtown Publix [GMap], the corner of Mills and 50 [GMap], and by Mills Park [GMap], the latter being completely funded as a requirement of their original development order.

The above is the case for the two shelters located at the intersection of Mills and 50 as well as the Publix.  The one located at Mills Park was completely funded by the development as a requirement of their development order

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  1. 3 years, it has been much longer, I cannot even remember when we designed these, LOL. Looking forward to coming back and checking out the first one.