Image via The Sanctum Facebook page
Image via The Sanctum Facebook page
Image via The Sanctum Facebook page

The Sanctum (Facebook), a whole foods and plant-based restaurant will be opening at the intersection of Fern Creek and Colonial Drive [GMap].

The new concept is described on their Facebook page as a vegetarian/vegan restaurant/smoothie and juice bar.

There is no opening date scheduled at the moment, as they are still applying for their permits and licenses, however they’ve said they are hoping to open before Christmas. ‘

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  1. Lol Gary Tao no wrist slapping necessary! I use “plant based” to describe what we do not because I’m trying to be esoteric or different… honestly I’ve just never used the words vegetarian or vegan because I’m not a fundamentalist and would rather focus on what foods I am using to prepare delicious eats rather than what I’m not using… potato chips, oreo cookies and processed vegetarian meat are all “vegan” but that doesn’t mean they’re good for you… We’re just health conscious foodies that love preparing real, damn good food from ingredients that happen to be mostly plants 🙂 And Bungalower – we can’t wait to serve you and blow your mind!

  2. 🙂 🙂 🙂 – thanks Ashley Stephens! Orlando owes special thanks to you for being my very first plant powered support! Doesn’t that feel like ages ago??

  3. Plant based means vegan food that is whole/unprocessed/healthier. Both terms automatically encompass vegetarian as well.

  4. vegetarian/vegan, whole foods or plant based? anymore marketing terms i need to know to use correctly before being wrist slapped by the PC police?

  5. So funny Katy, I was *just clicking on this article. Did you see the photos of some of the menu items in the Weekly!? Yummm…

  6. Don’t forget to try Daya, the new upscale plant based restaurant on Park Ave. Some of the best food I’ve ever had!