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Se7en Bites to move into new space



The “sweet and savory bake shop” closed on a building at 9:30 a.m. today (their 2-year anniversary) that will become the largest independently owned and operated bakery in Central Florida.

The owners of Se7en Bites (Facebook) have just bought the 3,500 SF building that housed Sunshine School Uniforms [GMap], located right next to Pho Hoa, which we have written about HERE because of their ever-rotating graffiti murals. The new location is still in the Milk District.

The current home of the popular bake shop can seat about 32 people whereas the future home will be able to seat about 100, with a new deck that could also host between 50 to 60. They will also begin selling locally-sourced beer and wine,  and donuts.

They are planning to open the new space in May of 2016.



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  1. I LOVED Se7enbites until I found out from employees that the owner pockets ALL of the tips made by credit card.  That’s called cheating your employees and it’s wrong.

  2. YES YES YES YES!!! congrats Trina Gregory-Propst on your vision and hard work. You have broken out of the monotony of the Orlando food Scene and proved that we have amazing culinary talent in the area. You are putting orlando on the food map. Here is to your continued success!

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