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Last week we wrote about the possible annexation and rezoning of this lot on Pineloch Avenue that is currently the home of a mobile home park [GMap]. Plans have already been submitted for approval that detail a possible retail development to be located on that lot.

What we didn’t know at the time of that earlier post was that a new development would also expand westward and then face Orange Avenue.


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  1. Agreed, that area was rather “down scale”, one has to wonder where the current trailer park residents will find affordable replacement housing. Somehow I doubt they will be able to afford one of the apartments planned.

  2. They do need a place to live, but the trailer park is becoming increasingly out of of place with the area. Like the abandoned and decaying industrial buildings in this part of town, it’s become blight. I hope the City pays these people fairly for their mobile homes.
    I too oppose more mediocre buildings and seas of asphalt. The redevelopment should have aesthetic non-generic buildings, a space-saving parking garage (preferably hidden) and plenty of green space.

  3. Glad to see the redevelopment, but where is the green spaces? It looks like all parking? Those apartment dwellers will need somewhere to “exercise” their dogs!

  4. Those people need a place to live as well. More generic strip centers, traffic and asphalt isn’t really an improvement in my opinion.

  5. I wish we would start seeing some redevelopment projects that created walkable areas instead of drive-thru’s and seas of surface parking lots.