It appears that the plans for Tremont’s high rise on Church Street have been greenlit and the project is moving forward. An Engineering permit was issued on Tuesday, October 6 and the first building permit was applied for on October 2.

Tremont Realty Capital has submitted plans for a 25-story building to be built adjacent to Church Street Station’s Orchid Garden, on the site of a current parking lot at the intersection of Garland and South [GMap].

The building plans include a hotel with 180 rooms and a 586-space parking garage. The plans also include a possible addition for a SunRail platform.


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  1. Is it me or does this building look a lot like the Dynetech/Aspire Building at Washington/Palmetto across from Lk. Eola?

  2. David Schoppert follow the GMap link in the post. It’s the parking lot behind Orchid Garden.

  3. I don’t see an empty lot there, is it really Garland and South street or Garland and Pine street?

  4. That’s a weird location to live! That’ll be noisy and the view hmm lacking. May be fine as a hotel. Isn’t the current Sunrail station at Church? So they will take a 1sec ride to the next stop, that’ll be interesting

  5. Kelly David Holly Hensch this is what I was talking about while we were waiting for the train the other night. I was right that the site would be that parking lot we were looking at. James look the city is going “up” sort of