Segafredo Mills Park (Facebook) has papered up their windows while remodeling their bar/restaurant, which has led a number of people to assume that the space has closed permanently.

According to Scott Spar, the Marketing Director for Segafredo, the space is in the middle of a large overhaul which will bring a “new, innovative concept” to the restaurant and rooftop bar area.

The restaurant should be open again by the end of the year.

For more information contact Spar at [email protected].


Brendan O'Connor

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  1. Agreed on the service! We didn’t even made it to taste the drinks because extremely rude bartenders

  2. Haha! That was horrible…maybe it needs to close. Might have to go back after it re opens?????

  3. Maddie Coker Heinen Ashley Hixson guess we don’t have to worry about being seated under a leaky ceiling again! U0001f604

  4. Really strange, because I literally got a notification 2 weeks ago that they were hiring. That was quick!

  5. Was there my last travel with my family the products quality and services have no relation ship with Segafredo brand that I know Europe.

  6. Shocked. Tried it twice, never went back. Too pricey, ding – bat – ish service and the new menu has been “Americanized” but not in a good way. I did like the coffee and decor though.

  7. Yup, was good for a second. Could’ve been so much better with a little focus and accountability. Still missing a rooftop lounge like McSorelys Beach Pub in this area. Miss that place.

  8. They have serious identity issues. Stand up comedy on Friday’s WITH a cover AND a two item minimum? Get over yourselves, Segafredos. You know a place has some serious issues if it can’t do well in the thriving Mills/50 district.

  9. After two visits having to leave after being completely ignored for 15 minutes, no more chances.

  10. Literally the worst service Ive ever experienced. Went there once, it was completely empty, and it STILL took 15 minutes for anyone to greet me, and only after I walked up to them and asking. Another time my company (a recovered alcoholic of 4 years) ordered a VIRGIN drink, and they put alcohol in it anyway. Never had a good experience there. Too bad – I gave them 3-4 shots, they blew it every time.

  11. The last time I visited, they rolled out a new menu. When I ordered a drink from the new menu, I was told no one had been trained how to make them. That’s a management issue.

  12. Agreed. Tried it on three different occasions and the service was atrocious. The food was also meh.

  13. I went three times, the last time with a group of ten. We left each time for one disastrous reason or another. I went three times too many.