UPDATE – This project is still in the early stages of development and has not been submitted to the City of Orlando for approval yet.

The southeastern corner of South and Rosalind could be home to a new high rise [GMap].

401 Rosalind is listed as a 0.91 acre development site that Colliers International listed as a redevelopment opportunity. The property sits across the street from the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center and is a prominent corner for commuters on the 408 or those entering Downtown.

According to Colliers, this corner is the second busiest intersection in downtown with 40,000 AADT per day.

According to renderings posted on the website of HPA Urban (Website), a Texas-based design firm, the building would host 312 units.


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  1. Some of us laugh and scoff at the mega concrete now section 8 housing that has become the elusive downtown!

  2. Great! Now move the Orlando Executive Airport before one of its novice pilots plows his plane into a building downtown. You read the warning here first.

  3. Stacy Wilson Milaschewski – Delusional. Growth is inevitable. Move to the hinterlands. I suggest Marion County…NO ONE in their right mind wants to live there.

  4. These are renderings for a proposed development. Plans have not been submitted to the City yet. This wasn’t meant to sensationalize, mislead, or incite. We often post about potential developments just like this one.

  5. So…from the atory it appears that this is just a random image that has nothing to do with the property. No mention of plans to build a high-rise, just a for sale sign by a commercial real estate agent and the comment that it is good for redevelopment. Seems to be a misleading story. Can you confirm a plan to actually develop, or is this all speculation?

  6. So you’d rather have sprawling neighborhoods eating up more of our wetlands and causing the need for more expressways? Or how about land downtown that is currently underutilized. Newsflash, it’s downtown…an area where buildings like this are supposed to go. You can’t stop growth, but you can concentrate it and manage it or you can let it go out of control…which is why there is 60 miles of expressway circling our city.

  7. Yay more snazzy crap for the streets of Orlando ! Sarcasm, can’t they just not do it, sometimes I wish there were a birth control method for this.