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Gertrude’s Walk extensions to go before Appearance Review Board


Image courtesy of City of Orlando
Image courtesy of City of Orlando


Two additional trail segments will link sections of Gertrude’s Walk Urban Trail in the near future.

The first link will be located between Washington Street and Jefferson, and the second will connect Amelia to Concord. According to the report submitted to the City, the project will include hardscape, landscape, fences, walls, and lighting.

The first portion will be 10 feet wide and run adjacent to the roadway, the second block will occupy 12 feet wide and sit on a 30 foot easement that runs along the railway and separated from the tracks by fences and mural walls. The mural artwork to be featured on the walls has yet to be chosen.

Gertrude’s Avenue was created in the 1880s by then Mayor, Charles Sweet, in honor of his sister, Gertrude Sweet then, renamed Gertrude’s Walk in 1980. Read more about Gertrude and the history of Gertrude’s Walk HERE in our Did You Know-town column.

These trail extensions will eventually connect the downtown to Ivanhoe Village and Winter Park via the Orlando Urban Trail. A flyover pedestrian bridge is being designed to traverse Colonial Avenue, associated with the I-4 Ultimate reconstruction project and connect the downtown portion of the trail with the norther portion in Ivanhoe Village and Winter Park.







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