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SPONSORED: You better hope you’re on the Good List, because this December 5, Krampus is coming to town.

For those who don’t know, Krampus is the other side of the coin to Saint Nicholas in old German folklore. Krampus punishes wicked children by punishing them with spankings during the Christmas season.

Many Alpine towns in Europe will hold annual Krampuslaufs where hundreds of people dressed as the long-tongued, horned menace parade through the street and dish out public spankings.

Watch this video by the New York Times to see what we mean:

Hammered Lamb will be ground zero for the first Krampus event ever, in Orlando. This inaugural Krampusnacht (Facebook Event) will be more of a celebration of the idea behind the devilish anti-Santa, than a traditional parade. There will be live music, readings, and a performance by Phantasmagoria (Website), followed by a Krampus costume contest.

Krampus-themed artists will be selling their wares. If interested in selling your own Krampus goodies, contact the event organizers through the Facebook event page listed above.

Think of it as Halloween meets Christmas, but with a spanking booth.

Mark your calendars.

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