The pedestrian bridge that crosses the I-4 between Gore and Kaley [GMap] has been sitting unused for ten years, but will soon be taken down.

According to FDOT the bridge was officially decommissioned back in 2005, although it had been shuttered years before, when land was being secured in preparation for the Ultimate I-4 project and the expansion of the interstate. The land on each side of the bridge was no longer City property, so the City pulled a permit from FDOT to shut it down.

FDOT estimates that the bridge will be taken down in the next four months as part of Ultimate I-4 construction.


Brendan O'Connor

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  1. Oh , lol, was always fun to see what people put up over the years like out there banners and such , not sad I’m just a nostalgic Orlandoan of 31 years U0001f602