A proposal will go before the Municipal Planning Board to approve a new shopping center at the intersection of Westmoreland and Colonial [GMap] in the Parramore Heritage District, with one of the tenants being Dunkin Donuts.

The plans, attached below, call for a drive-thru restaurant with two retail spaces all in one contiguous building.

Current lot image via Google Street View


Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. On the bright side, when FDOT mills and resurfaces this part of Colonial, starting in 2017, they had planned to only install bike lanes from Parramore Avenue to Edgewater Drive (about 75 feet). However, property owners and merchants attended the public forums, and we let them know that the on street parking is rarely used, and that the curbed planters are more dangerous than helpful. We requested protected bike lanes. They met us halfway and agreed to remove the planters and all on street parking to install wide bicycle lanes. They said they can’t do protected lanes because the budget wouldn’t support it, and Lynx would have no way to pull to the sidewalks for passengers. Now there will be wide bike lanes all the way from OBT to at least Lake Dot Circle (at least a mile on each side of Colonial). The portion of Colonial from Lake Dot to Garland is in the hands of the I-4 Ultimate folks and won’t be part of the resurfacing project since it will be torn and twisted to make it work with the new I-4 toll lane$. We’re hoping they’ll extend the new bike lanes at least to Gertrude’s Walk if not all the way to Orange Avenue. This would go a long way to helping keep Parramore and the Creative Village connected to the Downtown core for those who have no alternative or otherwise choose to bike.

  2. There’s a DD going in the BB&T building already. If you want your damn doughnuts you can walk to downtown for them! And while you’re at it maybe buy something local. Oh wait…

  3. Unfortunately this does not address the fresh food desert affecting the Parramore as well as district 5. We can do better.

  4. Police are working this area pretty hard now. The dealing and prostitution had gotten heavy over the past few months, so they’re cleaning house again. The majority of the problems center around this intersection. We’re hoping that more new businesses will attract more involved business owners who won’t put up with the nonsense and will help run off the bad actors.

  5. Fortunately, this won’t displace any (more) residents. It’s a former car lot that has been sitting empty for well over 10 years, and was a car lot for about 50 years prior. Before that, it was the site of the local school. It is a brown field zone as well, so the environmental cleanup and retention ponds that will come to the neighborhood will be a welcome sight to us neighbors.

  6. That’s just what lower income people need…access to low nutritional high glycemic cheap junk food. How about a farmers market?

  7. … i love the expansion occurring in the parramore and callahan areas. so much growth. the area will see a huge shift over the course of the next 5 to 10 years!

  8. There is one Dunkin Donuts in all of Austin. However we have a Walmart every two miles in every direction, a Chili’s in every shopping center and plenty of nail salons to last till the end of time. Boring.

  9. Buddy Boy isn’t going to be happy until downtown is developed all the way to the Citrus Bowl and all low income housing is gone in that district.

  10. I look at the picture and for about 5 seconds thought wow that looks tall is it on pillars #fail

  11. Parramore an area who’s demographic doesn’t match the demographic of a big brand , that’s what I call a story

  12. The response to a Dunkin Donuts opening downtown was fairly large too. We thought our readers would like to know about another one opening in the nearest district. Is it a slow news day to write about something in Parramore Brian Richardson, or just that it’s another donut shop?