Attention has been focused on the Southwest corner of Lake Eola lately due to the pending possibility of a new high rise being erected there. More on that, HERE.

The original plans submitted by the developer proposed a redesign of the green space around the Sperry Fountain. The Sperry Fountain, for those who don’t know, was actually the first fountain to be installed in Lake Eola back in 1914. However, the original iron fountain was eventually replaced by a bronze replica in 2011.

Read more about Orlando pioneer E.F. Sperry HERE.
The first fountain was made with cast iron and had deteriorated over the years. According to City Spokesperson, Cassandra Lafser, it reached a point where it was no longer able to function as a working fountain and had to be replaced. A replica was made by casting the original and is made out of more durable bronze.
Lafser also said that “The original fountain is currently sitting in City storage as we explore possible locations to display this City-owned art.  One possibility is installing it at Greenwood Cemetery near the Sperry gravesite.”
Where do you think it should go?

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  1. HA! I posted about this within the last few weeks on urbanplanet… Maybe I should hold my cards closer to my chest. Or you should just hire me. 

    Love y’all.

  2. Did you know Sperry died in office. The City sent a paycheck to his widow and she sent it back saying he had not earned it.

  3. Aren’t they going to relocate that area when they build that hotel? Maybe the old one could be used in a new location around lake Eola.