On August 8 of this year, the Federal Highway Administration granted interim approval for Livingston to receive a “green colored pavement marking” for its bicycle lane.

The half mile length of marked lane will stretch from Garland Avenue to Highland Drive.

Installation of the lane is expected to take place in spring of 2016.

International Drive will also be getting a marked 1.5 mile lane that will run between Oak Ridge Road and Universal Boulevard.

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  1. Lima Peru has great bike lanes, and the traffic signal for bikes changes prior to the signal for cars so the bikes can clear the intersection first.
    Maybe someday we will catch up to Peru

  2. move the bike lane to where the cars are parked and have the cars parked where the bike lane is. “Shielded lanes” are much safer

  3. Biking on Delaney despite its bike improvements is still a struggle. A lot of impatient drivers on that road.

  4. Congratulations, Orlando. Nice work. Seattle has 120+ miles of bike lanes and 2200+ bike parking spaces. But given the inability to operate a motor vehicle with any competence or safety, here, in the PNW, its a good thing.

  5. My only issue is that this bike lane is still going to be in the door zone of the on-street parking. This isn’t going to be nearly as much of an issue as it is on Rosalind, but it’s still a practice we need to avoid.

  6. Heather Hepler Surrency fantastic! We live on Livingston and have kids that want to ride safer than currently

  7. I’m more of a fan of the red color the Dutch use but green is alright. Anything that improves the cycling experience in Orlando has my support. They should go all out and pave with colored asphalt – that is what the Dutch do. This is best done when it is time to resurface streets. But likely it’s going to just be paint.

  8. It would sure be nice to see improvements in bicycle infrastructure in Orlando. We need more green bike lanes, lanes that aren’t in the door zone of parked cars, protected bike lanes, protected intersections, and some bicycle specific signaling at major intersections. We really need a total overhaul of our street system to accommodate more than cars.