Photo by Brian Wilson via Yelp
Photo by Brian Wilson via Yelp

“I have a question about the Constitution Green Park. What are all of the little columns or pedestals that are strewn throughout the park? There seems to be no [rhyme] or reason to their placement.” – Anonymous Bungalower reader

According to the City, the columns are actually benches that were installed directly on the ground and have sunken into the earth and tend to lean. Also, they are not located throughout the park, but are limited to the western portion of the space, under the oak trees.

The City is still waiting for ownership of the park to change per the agreement they struck with the previous owners, which we wrote about HERE, before they raise the seating and level them out again.

The property had been leased from private owners for the past 30 years so park amenities were limited in case the City ever lost the use of the space. Funding was limited for park improvements because the City did not own the property.

The property agreement will be put before City Council early in 2016. At the moment there are no immediate plans to do anything to the park besides purchasing it and leaving it as a green space.



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