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A non-profit, non-partisan project called the Gun Violence Archive (Website) has been compiling data on gun homicides and non-fatal shootings from statistics released by the Federal Government, and plotting them on a map.

We zoomed in on Orlando and found the above information.

The map shows fatal shootings in red and nonfatal shootings in yellow and includes over 30,000 incidents that occurred between December 5, 2014 and December 5, 2015.

To use the interactive map, click HERE.



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  1. Come on, don’t lie. All home invasions, armed robberies and incidents of brandishing (criminal only, defensive doesn’t count) count even if nobody was injured.
    They also link on their main page under “related websites” lists notable gun control groups without any mention of counterparts.
    The bias is obvious.

  2. Well they’re not showing incidents of where criminals had guns and didn’t shoot anyone either, so they’re fair on both sides. It’s a map of shootings, not a map of guns pulled from holsters.

  3. Their methodology only counts defensive gun uses where shots are fired. Defensive gun uses where the potential victim did not need to fire a shot are not counted.