Lakeside Crossing, the new development that is replacing former home of Red Fox Lounge [Gmap] has three more restaurants that will be moving in when construction is finished later next year.

According to the Orlando Business Journal, the new restaurants include Miami-based Bulla Gastrobar (Website), Kona Grill (Website), and another location of Austin’s Chuy’s Tex Mex (Website).

The development is located directly across Mills Avenue from the Lakeside Winter Park shopping center, home of the ever-popular Trader Joe’s. The project will have a 300+ car parking garage to help alleviate parking woes on that block. More on that HERE.

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  1. Some chains are excellent though, people. The new Zona Fresca in WP is the best taco joint in all of Orlando, hands down. It is far superior to any of the local options.

  2. A large, multilane thorougfare like 17-92 is where these types of restaurants are supposed to be going . After Burger-FI, the city rightly kept chains off of Park Avenue, and that area, Hannibal Square, N. Orange and Fairbanks all have numerous local choices. I grew up with Chuy’s in Texas when they only had a handful of locations and they’ve kept the food and atmosphere largely the same with expansion. For those of us with homes on the lake, this will now bring the total to six restaurants plus a grocery, all accesible by boat. That’s a fun feature for the area.

  3. So sad the city forced them to take all the residential out of this development. Now it’s just another strip mall.

  4. Traffic will now be a nightmare between Fairbanks and Lee with all the new development. Oh wait it’s already a nightmare. Why not add to it

  5. So is 17-92 the new I-drive? I mean don’t we all just love sitting in traffic? I have yet to go to Trader Joe’s bc that whole plaza looks like a nightmare.

  6. Just what WP needs; more strip malls and nightmare traffic! Stop building this garbage in Winter Park. Only benefits the developers.

  7. Oh hooray. More garbage chains with their garbage menus to fill our sad empty lives, I mean gullets.

  8. I guess they’re just going for the lowest common denominator? The Kona Grill menu looks horrid, a jumble of stuff taken from every other two-bit chain restaurant. Potstickers, fondue, and jambalaya all on the same menu? Sounds awesome.