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Ask Bungalower: What’s going into the former Colonial Winn-Dixie?



“Any word on the old Winn Dixie on Bumby? Drive by earlier and there’s some work going on outside the building.” – Greg Wathen

“Any updates on the old Winn Dixie at Bumby and 50? I’m thinking it’s going to be a mega Vietnamese/Asian grocery store!” – Amanda Bruno

“Hey Bungalower! Any idea what’s going on in the old Winn Dixie on Colonial and Bumby? They’re being very tight lipped about it. Inquiring minds want to know.” – Bill Haire

“… wanted to give you a heads up, I live in coytown and just noticed today looks like some action at the old Winn Dixie on bumby and colonial, windows have been covered, please please tell me its gonna be a whole foods!!!” -LeAndra Gudowski

“Just curious if you guys have any Intel on what’s happening at the old Winn-Dixie at colonial and Bumby. The for lease signs are gone and there’s covering on the inside of the Windows.” – Noah Adelman

An Asian market will be moving into the former Winn-Dixie in the Coytown Shopping Center on the corner of Colonial Drive and Bumby Avenue [GMap].

The grocer closed in November of 2014 and has been vacant since.

The owner of the Coytown Shopping Center, Homer B. Jamerson, confirmed that a “Hong Kong grocery store” would be moving into the space in the new year and projected an opening in three months.

Jamerson’s office would not confirm if that was the name or the type of new store moving in. We will update the story as details become more available.

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  1. Thanks for the update, but, bummer! I was hoping for something more exciting. I guess we should be happy that the place will not be empty…U0001f615

  2. Was hoping for something more exciting… It will be at least the third Asian market in the area. We have good ones already.

  3. Is that the one at Colonial and Bumby?
    Aren’t there enough Asian markets in that neighborhood already? How about a Latino market? Something to fill the gaping hole left when Medina’s closed.

  4. Damn. I was hoping it was going to be a Lucky’s Market. I read that the company is planning to take over some of the old Winn Dixies in Central Florida.

  5. Another one!? U0001f44e Such a waste of a great location that could Really use some other kind of business. Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, World Market, just to name a few but I’d take anything other than another Asian market. There’s already 10+ within that block. Bah Humbug! Ronald Morelli

  6. it it were to house a multi vendor food court/MultiCultural Market like the ones they have in Atlanta/Decatur, it’d be great. But to have just another run of the mill Asian market would be such a disappointment.

  7. Decent parking will be a plus. The only other two large Asian Markets on that side of E Colonial aren’t exactly the best when it comes to fresh foods unfortunately. I have seen moldy fruits and veggies, and other items with expired dates on them. They also don’t smell very good and that was a comment made by my Asian friend who doesn’t care much for those two markets either. The only one I know of that is well kept is the East Side market on the other end of E Colonial going towards Alafaya.

  8. Gary, Medina’s was Cuban-American, but they had a terrific (and reasonably priced) selection of Spanish cured meats: chorizo, jamon serrano, lomo.

  9. Oh great…more of the same! My guess is it will open and close shortly. I can imagine the area can support all those businesses

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