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The new Dunkin’ Donuts location in the Citrus Center in Downtown Orlando [GMap] will be open by next week if everything goes according to plan.

This is the first of the two Dunkin’ Donuts locations to be opening downtown. The second location is expected to open in the Central Station development [GMap].

A third location for the chain will be opening in Parramore and was announced in early December HERE.

No opening dates have been announced for the other two locations.

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  1. uh.. yeah. I get that… I’m saying that the city seems to make it more difficult for small businesses to even open as opposed to franchises/chains.

  2. Franchises aren’t quite the same thing and no one’s stopping you from patronizing local businesses.

  3. Sur Ina L yessss! I drool at all their instagram posts, but I can’t walk their from my apt #firstworldproblems