DroneFanatic (Facebook | YouTube) visited Orlando this past December and made this video. They apparently travel the world taking great aerial videos of different cities.

Check out these screen captures below.




Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. I saw someone flying a drone from the roof of the CNL parking garage mid-December — I bet it was this guy! Neat video.

  2. Do you have a link to the ordinance prohibiting RC In public parks Michael? The Airport 5mi radius can be solved by contacting them first.

  3. Pilots like this give everyone a bad name. He’s clearly traveling around ignoring local ordinances and federal laws. For those of you in Orlando be aware that Orlando has an ordinance against RC devices in public parks, and downtown, including lake Eola, is within 5 miles of the executive airport.

  4. Because some people do this as a profession and idiots like this ruin it for people who follow the rules. All this does is create more red tape for legit drone pilots… That’s why…

  5. It is fantastic but as a drone pilot we all have to follow the rules or we all face the same punishment.

  6. Orlando also has a city ordinance against RC device in public spaces. 

    ec. 43.02. – Airplanes, etc., Operated by Use of Control Line, Radio or Other Electrical Device—Restrictions on Operation in Parks, Streets, etc.

  7. This pilot has been reported for violating FAA drone flight regulations by flying over 400 feet and in direct flight path of the Orlando Executive Airport. He’s also broken Florida law by filming over private property.