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Every month groups comprised of ten people, all over the world, award $1000 to one awesome project through a group called the Awesome Foundation, but not a lot of people know about it. S0 we’ve thrown together a roundup of some of the projects they’ve funded over the years.

Chapters are comprised of ten individuals who pledge $100 each month to a lucky winner. The money is thrown in a pot and then awarded, in cash, to the idea with the most votes. Some ideas, if they’re strong enough, get rolled over to the next month to get voted on again.

The local Orlando chapter has been around since July 2013 and each month they award their grant to what they believe is the best creative idea that could improve our community and make Orlando a more “awesome place” to live, work, and play.

To apply for a grant to fund your own awesomely creative idea, click HERE.

Here is a list of past funded projects in chronological order:

BORDALO MURAL 12Pop-up movie screenings in vacant lots

Date awarded: December 2015

A series of free pop-up movies in vacant or unused lots in Downtown Orlando. VIP area will be on inflatable swan floats. For more information on this project, reach out to our Editor at [email protected].


1You Matter campaign

Date awarded: November 2015

Handing out “You Matter” cards around the City and painting a series of murals in Mills 50 with the same message.



1Child of this Culture Foundation

Date awarded: October 2015

Providing free/low cost urban art programs centered around hip-hop culture. More on the Foundation HERE.


1Art in Odd Places: Orlando

Date awarded: September 2015

Helped to fund a pop-up art festival along Magnolia in Downtown Orlando. More on the project HERE.



11,000 student marching band

Date awarded: August 2015

1,000 local students performed alongside Cirque du Soleil, Orlando Ballet, CFCArts and many other organizations in the streets of Downtown Orlando as part of the Creative City Project (Website).


1 The City Chalkboard

Date awarded: July 2015

Incorporated a chalkboard into a mural and solicit interactions from the community. More on the project HERE on artist Jonathan Yubi’s website.


1ArtReach Orlando’s Mobile Art Truck

Date awarded: May 2015

Local arts non-profit ArtReach Orlando provides free art programming to children throughout Orange County. One of their programs is a mobile art classroom that parks at events and community centers. More on their program HERE.


1 Jim Leatherman’s Greatest Hits

Date awarded: March 2015

A retrospective art show of prolific local photographer Jim Leatherman’s work . Leatherman has been documenting the Central Florida music scene for over 30 years.


1 Toys for needy Orlando children

Date awarded: February 2015

Ray Kendrick makes hand-built toys and donates them to charities around the Orlando area. In 2014 he donated 4,000 toys out of his own pocket. This grant paid for basic tools to continue his work.


1“The Oceanographer” art installation

Date awarded: December 2014

A unique and interactive puppet show to be created by Orlando artist Doug Rhodehamel. Puppets will be made from recycled and surplus materials.


1 Getaboard Skateboarding Outreach

Date awarded: November 2014

Empowering at-risk youth through skateboarding. They teach children to ride and give them free equipment. More on this initiative HERE.




“Artists of Orlando” film project

Date awarded: October 2014

Documenting Orlando artists in their private studios, through film. Initiated by award-winning filmmaker Woodruff Laputka. More HERE.



Orlando Fringe/ Ivanhoe Village mural

Date awarded: September 2014

This would have funded a mural by Thomas Thorspecken of Analog Artist in a Digital World (Website) but the two groups were forced to move following the purchase of the land to build a new development.



The Dance Happy Project

Date awarded: August 2014

Series of 4-week dance classes for children living at the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida.



1“If Parramore could talk … what would it say?”

Date awarded: July 2014

Giving Parramore students a voice through series of installations.




National Dance Day Orlando

Date awarded: June 2014

Free community-wide dance events and classes as part of a national initiative. More information is available HERE.


1Sing-song, String-along

Date awarded: May 2014

A program run by the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra (Website) that immerses young children in a challenging pre-school music program.



Date awarded: March 2014

Local environmental group IDEAS for US (Website) did a series of reverse graffiti installations where they pressure washed stenciled messages onto dirty walls. Some were painted over by FDOT.


1Ivanhoe Village Fish Chairs

Date awarded: January 2014

Meant to dress up under the I-4 near Lake Ivanhoe, the project was moved to Lake Highland to make way for the Ultimate I-4. Chairs decorated with fishy details were installed at fishing holes around the lake and marked with fish wind socks. They were removed by the Parks department three months after being installed.


1Distance 2

Date awarded: December 2013

Musicians were planted on the top of twelve rooftops around Downtown Orlando as an active exploration of how sound travels over distances.


1Light up the MSO!

Date awarded: December 2013

The Maitland Symphony Orchestra purchased new lighting cor their outdoor concerts.


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  2. George has been saying this would be his ideal job….for the last 5 years….I just had to give him a hard time!

  3. haha it’s not a “foundation” per se. They don’t have a staff. Just ten people who donate $100 each, every month.