Ten LYNX bus stops will soon be equipped with solar-powered USB charging stations.

At the time of this post only five have been permitted, with the other half still being processed by the City.

Current approved locations include:

  • Stop #4119 Address: 4503 E. Colonial Dr. [GMap]
  • Stop #5032 Address: 4522 Conroy Rd. [GMap]
  • Stop #5185 Address: 3718 L.B. McLeod Rd. [GMap]
  • Stop #4709 Address: 712 Maguire Blvd. [GMap]
  • Stop #5239 Address: 5612 Vineland Rd. [GMap]

Another solar charging station will be coming in the next few months to the LYNX Central Station in Downtown Orlando as well.



Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. so does this mean the homeless who are not riding the bus anywhere can take the seat of paying riders at the bus stop and charge their Obama cell phones?

  2. Most buses are on time and if they are late it’s due to traffic. You can’t control the traffic and buses have to drive on the same roads as everyone else. Also, Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority(LYNX) says that a bus is considered late after 25 mins from it’s scheduled time. Not sure if they have changed this but that is what I was told a few years ago.

  3. Traffic isn’t any different for busses than it is for reg folk. Try getting anywhere on time in Orlando