Calvin Cearley Photo by Carlos de los Angeles
Photo by Carlos de los Angeles
Calvin Cearley from Cloak & Dapper (Facebook | Website), Orlando’s general store for men, chimes in with three never fail gift ideas for your fella.
By Calvin Cearley
SPONSORED: Valentine’s Day doesn’t always resonate with people like other holidays do. It can feel pretty obvious that it’s a day popularized and branded to promote greeting card and candy companies. But if at its core, it’s a day that serves as a reminder to show the person we love the most, that we’re grateful for them, that they mean a lot to us. So it can’t be that bad, right?
Have you heard of that old shoe box most guys keep in their closet somewhere? The box of memories too hard to look at but too important to throw in the trash? It’s not in the cloud somewhere, or something digital, it’s a physical thing. Something we can touch or wear, display or store away. But at the same time something intangible. Something sentimental. Because it came from someone special, like you.
So what can you gift your favorite guy this Valentine’s Day that’ll truly tug on his heartstrings like those prized possessions in that box?
Let’s break down your guy gift options in to three different rooms. The different spaces he spends most of his time with you:
1. The Bathroom: The best way to groom your guy in to the man you want him to be, is to actually groom him. Try some manly grooming goods like shaving products, beard oils, handmade bar soaps infused with beer or coffee, and craft colognes. These smell like a winner.
Click on the photo to see Cloak & Dapper grooming products.
2. The Bedroom: Ooh La La. Skip the cheesy boxers with hearts or teddy bears on them and go for some durable, comfortable boxers or boxer briefs that won’t rip after only a few washes and wears. Boys wear things for a long time, so quality counts.
Click on the photo to see Cloak & Dapper “undergarments” page.
3. The Kitchen (or home bar): From the casual beer fan to the whiskey enthusiast, any guy would love some of our bar-ware selections. How about a kit to make your own home-crafted American Ale? Or homemade Gin? Or glassware with their local city etched on it?
Click on the photo to see Cloak & Dapper bar-ware.
Stop in the shop today and let’s get your guy something special.
You can also shop online at and choose Store Pickup and Calvin will have it ready and waiting for you to pick up on your way home from work. Convenient!

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