The City has made the decision to construct a new off-street, shared-use path for biking and walking on Bumby Avenue.
Residents voiced their discontent that the Bumby infrastructure project currently under way would not include the addition of bike paths. In response the City will install a 10-foot wide asphalt path along the eastern side of Bumby for cyclists and pedestrians from Rosedale Road to Corrine Drive.
The path is expected to be completed at the same time as the current road reconstruction project, in the spring of 2017.
According to Audubon Park Garden District Executive Director Jennifer Marvel, the Main Street office is working with the City to incorporate a “linear park” of pollinator plants and Florida natives as part of the avenue’s new streetscape. The effort would be a part of their ongoing EcoDistrict initiative and efforts to become an NWF Wildlife Habitat Community.

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  1. SD Cooper. It’s illegal – The law in most areas of the country require bicycles to follow the same rules of the road as other motor vehicles. In essence, riding your bike down the sidewalk is the same as if you hopped the curb and started rolling it in your car.

  2. I live in Orlando and I ride my bike to work daily. I am going 3-4 times as fast a pedestrian. That means reaction time goes down from something like 6-8 seconds to 1.5 seconds. I’m not banking on my reflexes being that good. And I’m not a particularly fast cyclist. People on a road bike can get into the 20 mph range. It’s insane to suggest we should be on the sidewalk. In the downtown area there are pedestrians on the sidewalks (as well as cars, uneven sidewalks, and other hazards). Plus, hopefully as we grow there will be more pedestrians on the sidewalk. There are some sidewalks far out in the suburbs where it might be reasonable to ride on the sidewalk but not in the Bungalower neighborhoods. In Orange County outside the city limits it is legal to ride on the sidewalk. But we’re talk about areas around downtown.

  3. It’s as If Floridians never heard a protected bike lanes, but it’s a start

  4. Why are they not making it two lane? Have fun watching the cyclists go by as you sit behind someone trying to turn across rush hour traffic.

  5. Happy that it’s the EAST side of Bumby… if they can just deal with that peacock problem

  6. Glad I don’t live on bumby , it’s a mess and now they will be going higher up in to what was yards to make room for this according to the picture

  7. I have… wasn’t encouraging… they said that even so much as making a new crosswalk takes years to move through the proper channels.

  8. It’s not “government”. It’s the corrupt road construction contractors and their INFLUENCE with our local and state agencies. Follow the money.
    They ALWAYS underbid, under estimate time to completion, and fail at their “efforts” to protect the environment during their projects.
    Laughing all the way to the bank.U0001f629

  9. Kevin M Corzine -since you’re white…OPD will just look the other way…
    Another color?
    You’re getting a ticket and probably having your bike “impounded”…

  10. I’m with SD. Sidewalks are empty and I’ll ride there – being mindful of pedestrians if I encounter any and of autos when I cross streets. I never take the chance that someone is on their phone and will swerve out of the lane a bit and kill me. And traffic can move along better without people having to stop or go around me – you should see how frustrated some drivers get. Better for everyone.

  11. Sidewalks are for PEDESTRIANS…you know…the ones getting killed in Orlando faster than ANY other major metro area?!
    Separate bike lanes divided from the car lanes with barriers. Narrow most major thoroughfares including Colonial, Mills, Orange, Corrine, etc.
    Make people get OUT of their cars.

  12. I’ve been run off the sidewalk by cyclists multiple times while walking our dog. I have no problem sharing the sidewalks with bicycles, but they do need to yield to pedestrians, aka: slow down, or detour onto the street for a block. This is in quiet low traffic neighborhoods, BTW.

  13. Do any of you saying that sidewalks are for pedestrians actually live in Orlando / Orange County? The sidewalks are almost NEVER used. 3 feet not enough room? On the occassion once every 10 miles you may actually see someone on a sidewalk, slow down, make ur presence known, and ride by. Regarding not being seen by cars – obey the traffic signals and look for cars the same way a pedestrian does, and not get hit……and tell me….wheb have u EVER seen a person get a ticket for riding their bike on the side walk, outiside of the CBD?

  14. Vicki Landon i had no idea. I use sidewalks wherever there are unsafe roadways for bikes – like Robinson.

  15. Aside from the law, it’s not safe, especially when cars turn into bikers crossing the road (it’s harder to see them on when they are on the sidewalk).
    Also, sidewalks are for… Walking. A 3 foot strip of concrete is not wide enough to have bikers and walkers on it at the same time.

  16. Or, just rezone all of Corrine Drive multifamily, bring in developers and get on with the growth.

  17. Perhaps he should take a good look at the traffic studies the Corrine Calming Coalition has done. He also might look at how effectively it was done on Edgewater Drive. And finally, the City and County approved the new developments and Baldwin Park and did not take into consideration the residents that already exist here and their needs for walkable, bikeable, safe streets. Essential is an interesting term for accommodating more cars.

  18. EXACTLY! All of you are correct! And THAT is my point! It is against the law to ride on all these sidewalks that sit empty 99.9% of the time. What should we do about it? Spend millions of dollars to build new pathways – OR – have the city and county commissioners amend the law? Which is safer for all: sharing the street with automobiles, or riding on the unused sidewalks? Bumby has no sidewalks in the Audobon Park stretch, so by all means, build a pathway there, but let’s change the laws and get some actual use of the concrete we have already laid instead of laying more asphalt and concrete.

  19. Sam Gallaher originally the header of the article said “when Bumby reopens in 2 years”, it appears the Bungalower updated it to clear up the confusion.

  20. Edwards maintains that Corrine is an essential East-West connector street that needs to be kept multi-lane as more developments like Mills Park and The Yard are built along it …

  21. Thank you. I will look into it. I am a member of the Corrine Calming Coalition which might interest your group.

  22. Yes, and all motorists never exceed the speed limit, always use turn signals, never pass in no passing zones, never run red lights……

  23. You should join the group Central Floridians for Smart Growth. We are pushing for improvements to make Orlando better.

  24. I’ve been writing Commissioner Edward for Orange County and everyone I can think of including Mayor Dyer in the City to seriously and immediately address the needs of CORRINE DRIVE, and all ignore or pass the buck back and forth. Corrine is owned by County, maintained by CITY and desperately needs a lane reduction, bike lanes, adequate sidewalks, speed limit reduction, and NOTHING is done or even considered. The City responds, oh we care, but it is up to the County. Ted Edwards doesn’t even answer my emials.

  25. Ironic you would comment on the laws of the road SD when clearly you don’t know them. People on bikes are supposed to ride in the travel lane; lanes that are narrower than 14 feet wide (most all lanes) bikes also have the right to use the full lane; there aren’t minimum speed limits on our streets; and as Idaho stop laws have demonstrated, rolling stops for people on bikes at stoplights actually improve traffic flow for all road users.

  26. LOL! I think there were just a few repairs going on at the time. LOL! Just seems like road work takes forever.

  27. Except that in Orlando, bicyclists aren’t permitted to ride on sidewalks:
    City of Orlando Code of Ordinances, Title II, Chapter 10, Section 10.15
    “(1) No person shall ride a bicycle on a sidewalk within the corporate limits of the City unless the sidewalk has been designated for joint use as a bicycle path and posted with appropriate signs indicating such use.”

  28. We have bike paths all over the city that cyclists refuse to use. They are called “sidewalks”. Big ribbons of concrete noone uses outside of downtown. Cyclists want to ride in the middle of the road, blocking the lanes, being treated like a car….except for when it comes to minimum speed limits, stop signs, red lights, turn indicators, and all other laws of the road.

  29. It’s not 2 more years. The Bumby Ave project was slated to be a 2 year project from the get-go. We’re a year in and it will be completed in a year.

  30. “The path is expected to be completed at the same time as the current road reconstruction project, in the spring of 2017.” The entire Bumby project was slated for 2 years, we are a year in already. According to the article the project will be done in Spring of 2017 which is another year. Either way, THRILLED for a bike path!

  31. This is awesome. Curious how will there be room for this? Are they eliminating sidewalk on the western side, or are they encroaching on front yards?
    Either way, hopefully this will turn out well and encourage similar action on Corrine and other main corridors.

  32. Bridget, I’m excited about this bike lane but I need us to focus on the fact that it’s going to be TWO MORE YEARS

  33. Haha, 2 years. I drive across an area of Bumby quite often (at Virginia) and have NEVER seen any work going in.

  34. I still do not know why it is taking that long though. Got to love government and their very slow progress.

  35. I left FL 9 years ago. I can’t get passed the fact Bumby is still closed.

  36. Please fix the sidewalks-bike lanes south of Colonial in downtown/Delaney park. I was nearly hit on my bike just last week. It is awful to bike downtown!

  37. This will be good…when it ever comes to be. City is so dangerous for those of us who ride often. If you look at how the city and places are spread out its made for cycling and non motorist commuting based off simplicity, yet it’s one of the most dangerous cities to ride in.

  38. This is awesome! Makes the closing easier to bear. What a grand improvement to an important downtown/WP connector