OCPS District 6 revealed the current version of their plans for the new Lake Como K-8 at a neighborhood design meeting last week.

While Lake Como is being demolished and rebuilt, Kaley Elementary will function as the go-to swing site for displaced students over the two-year time frame. In order to handle the increase in students, Kaley will receive a second pickup/drop-off area, expanded bus loops, 15 portables, and a possible cafeteria expansion.

As seen in the graphics below, the new Lake Como school will feature a baseball field, new track, and will try to address drainage issues on Gore Street.

Dogs will not be allowed on the new K-8 property.

Another design meeting is scheduled for June 6.


Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. I am very surprised that with all the current research supporting the vast importance of outdoor play, and for “unstructured play”, that the playground is another (seemingly) small, generic space. So disappointing. Play spaces continue to be such an oversight.

  2. Too much parking. The school and city could actually work together and provide even more parking on-street. This would allow for two things. First the fields and playgrounds could expand. Second, the school could actually be placed at the corner of Bumby.

  3. What about the new Audubon K-8 school? It is demolished but What is the projected time of completion…. Thank you…

  4. They said in the meeting the track and baseball field would be available to the public. An area under question of accessibility still is the toddler/kid playground area.

  5. My sister in law was an art teacher there. And my nephew went there too. Great school! I loved visiting.

  6. U0001f601not a fan of this. I went to Lake Como. I hate that the entire school has to be destroyed. The new pics of the school look more like a prison than a school. U0001f622U0001f622

  7. i grew up at lake como and my mother has worked in the front office for almost 20 years. she knows the names of all 300 students there. i’ll miss our little school 🙁

  8. it will be a big adjustment for the neighborhood. Currently, there are 250 students and the plan is that 1,300 will attend the new K-8 school!

  9. The existing park space is really misleading. The baseball field is half on half off that park. In the proposed its completely on the new space. So the useable park space in the new park actually appears to be reduced. Unless, will nearby residents be able to use the track and infield, or will that be barricaded off?