North Quarter cafe, Coffee Culture Café & Eatery (Website | Facebook) closed its doors in mid February.

Both the Nora offices and Coffee Culture headquarters have simply stated that this location is “closed until further notice.”

There is no word on when and if the Orlando location of this Canadian coffee chain will reopen.


Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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  1. I wasn’t impressed. It seemed the employees didn’t know a whole lot about coffee anyway. It was like coffee fast food.

  2. For those of us living in the area (50 and Orange) we desperately need a solid coffee shop… And no, the upcoming Dunkin doesn’t count. (Ew)
    SUPPORT LOCAL SMALL BUSINESSES!! I’m sick of mediocre mega chains.

  3. Stopped by Sunday for my weekend visit and was disheartened. Those free refills while hanging out there was a plus!

  4. We were looking at potentially purchasing this franchise location and temporarily took over management while we made our decision. The owners Genisis Franchise & Obsidian swooped in at closing time one night and declared they were bankrupt and pulling out of Florida. Don’t hold your breath or shed a tear.

  5. In better news, Pearson’s cafe is open next block over in the old green day spot.