Red Mug Diner (Website), the 24-hour restaurant that we wrote about HERE replacing the former Zilly Bee/Golden Knife location in downtown [Gmap], has announced that they will be open for business on April 18.

The restaurant has a 1950’s vibe with a modern twist. To see the menu, click HERE featuring typical greasy spoon items but also some surprises like cold-pressed juices, veal meatloaf, and brioche French toast.

The diner will be the only 24-hour breakfast spot downtown and will focus on sourcing fair trade and locally sourced items as possible. The coffee will be fair trade from Get Roasted Local, the dessert menu will be sourced from the Dessert Lady, the bread will be from Douce France, and the aforementioned cold-pressed juices will be by Juice’d in Thornton Park.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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  1. Just saw the menu. What a disappointment! Another concept that thinks there are enough people in downtown Orlando to support $20 per person meals. $8-$12 mains with sides costing as much as the mains should ($4-$6) and add another $3 if you want a drink…and don’t forget the tip! Wait for the crash & burn. These people never learn. Do any of these entrepreneurs ever actually visit downtown to see who is there, or do they just read the economic reports, which include Baldwin Park and Winter Park??