According to a report on someone has stolen six baby swans from Lake Eola.

Commissioner Patty Sheehan posted on Facebook that the police were looking for the thief.

If you or someone you know has any information on this theft, please contact the Orlando Police Department.


Editor’s Note: Natural causes like predators could be a possible reason for the disappearance of the cygnets but the OPD is still investigating.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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  1. Rick Scott caught on camera stealing the Cygnets and feeding them to gators. U0001f608U0001f47f

  2. Cruel to the babies not having their momma and vise versa….hopefully they will have the heart and bring them back…..

  3. I would like five minutes alone with the scumbag that did this. I just photographed one of the babies this past weekend.

  4. Gina Schifano, there are parks department folks late at night surprisingly. Tried taking a short cut with my bike by World of beer and got hassled by a ranger

  5. Gina. I hate these kind of stories. We live in Rockport, Texas and folks kill herons, whooping cranes and other special birds. Hardly any consequences because they claim ignorance.

  6. Yea. People in general are good, except the 75 per cent who are stupid or heartless

  7. Gosh. So sad. Maybe the city can hire a security guard to walk at night. I don’t mind my taxes going to that. I’m all for preserving the wildlife there.

  8. Probably will be selling them at a flea market somewhere in the vicinity. Call the various markets to keep an eye out

  9. So horrible! The news was reporting that the mother had been heard “screaming” for them and looking around. Whoever did this needs to return them ASAP.