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Following a string of changes over at the Orlando Weekly offices, we thought we’d take a moment to get to know the latest addition to their team, Matthew Moyer. Moyer was recently hired on as the new Music Editor, filling the massive void left behind when past Music Editor, Ashley Belanger, stepped down.

As a Rollins College grad, Moyer is no stranger to the local scene but since he’s been living in Jacksonville for the past few years we thought we should take a moment to introduce him to Orlando. He was kind enough to let us toss some questions his way during his move and here’s what he had to say.


Bungalower – So, you’re coming from JAX, what’s the music scene like there?

Moyer – Once you got past the people trying to “make it!” (which was hilarious in Jacksonville), there were some of the most creative musicians I’ve had the joy to be around – Virgin Flower, Severed+Said, Cays, Heavy Flow, Paten Locke, Creep City, AG Davis, the Mold, Jamison Williams, Mouth Mouth, Willie Evans Jr, NRIII, Delphic Oracle, Tim Albro, Jay Peele, Pet Star Posture, Tough Junkie, Rate Ov Decay, Toiler, Waste, Duval Spit, the people behind the labels Infintesmal, Primal Vomit, Tapes From The Gates, and Rainbow Pyramid. It was a nice way to pass the time.

What’s your background? You’ve been working for a library?

Yes, I was working with the music and media (and zine) collection at a public library for a few years. Been writing about music for quite awhile for a bunch of magazines, zines and websites. A few other music-related things. Booked some bands every so often. Releasing some stuff by musicians I liked. Obsessive show attendance.

So now that you’re here, where are you hoping to live? What neighborhoods are grabbing your attention?

I think I ended up in Delaney Park? I still haven’t even fully unpacked yet. Don’t collect records, terrible idea if you ever want to relocate more than five feet in any one direction.

What’s your earliest music memory?

It’s funny because I asked that for years when I was interviewing musicians, and then I realized I didn’t really have a concrete one myself….. Vague impressions include the music of Sesame Street, Alice Cooper on the Muppets, Lawrence Welk surrounded by champagne bubbles, Liberace and all of his capes and rings, creepy organ on Universal monster movies, the Disco version of the Star Wars theme, Sha Na Na reruns, the Monster Mash. Neither of my parents were big record collectors.

What is the last song you played on your phone? Haha be honest.

I seriously never listen to music on my phone. I probably shouldn’t admit that…. Ummm, searching, looks like I listened to a snippet of a High Functioning Flesh live set that a friend recorded on his phone.

What are your favorite music flavors to write about?

Down for whatever.

What are you looking forward to the most in covering the Orlando music scene? The least?

Discovering new sounds is always fun. And nice try on the second question.

What, if any, are the local bands you like the most?

I’m enjoying Bacon Grease quite a bit at this particular moment.

Do you have any guilty pleasure music you can admit to listening to?

It’s seriously all guilty pleasures at this stage of the game. Lemme think …. Way too many GG Allin bootlegs?

What local restaurants have you hit so far? Any on your hit list you’re hoping to try soon?

Tako Cheena, Numero Uno, Dexter’s, Little Saigon, Artisan’s Table, and Guavate have all been very nice. Next up: everything else.

What are the top five albums of last year?

Random sampling of favorites off the top of my head because my record collection is in such total disarray right now – Rose McDowall “Cut With the Cake Knife” – Clay Rendering “Snowthorn” – Froe Char “Foreigner Skin” – Floridian Winter “May Piss And Ash Fill Their Lungs” – Craow “Live At No Rave”

What do you want Orlando to know about you?

Clearly I’m great with deadlines and timeliness.






















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