Lake Highland Preparatory School  will be adorning their athletic fields with a giant sculpture of a sneaker.

The over-sized shoe was proposed by the LHPS Arts League and will be located on school property at the corner of Lake Highland Drive and Terrence Boulevard, adjacent to the Orlando Urban Trail. See map below. The pedestal will be covered with handmade tiles, fired and painted by LHPS students.

shoe project 4

shoe project 2

shoe map


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  1. I’d donate my kids as I remember she was ticked since she had so many offspring she didn’t know what to do

  2. Bungalower No What would be awesome is if they had some old lady yell at passers by from inside the shoe or offer compliments to passers by. Depends on her mood on any given day 😛 Afterall, the story does say that there was indeed an old woman who lived in a shoe 😛

  3. As am I. Also, as a resident that lives on that trail and uses it almost daily. It’ll be cool to look at all the time! =P

  4. I think it’s actually pretty cool. Why not have cool sculptures. Everyone wants this city to grow and expand. Art is a huge part of that. It’s what makes Orlando unique. It’s what makes me proud to say I live here.

  5. They’re in the process of swapping the one close to where this statue is going in but they swapped it for the same kind… So I think the same results should be expected. I’d like to see the nicer OUC fountains like are installed down at Lake Ivanhoe

  6. I’m sure all the parents that shell out all that money for their kids to attend this school are just thrilled about this.

  7. How about donating decent water fountains. The trail is great but this is the last thing that it needs