For the price of $17,900 the City Beautiful could be the owners of its very own Cruisin’ Tiki hut.

Think of how fun it would be to have a floating thatched hut zooming around the lake delivering fresh margaritas to you as you trot your way around the park. Each boat features stools, built-in circular bar top, a fridge, LED lights, and a lot of attitude. They are Coast Guard compliant and can hold up to 2,000 pounds.

Cruisin’ Tiki (Website) made the news in Fort Lauderdale this March when one of their tiki boats made its way up and down the New River.

Check out this video by YouTuber Geoff West to see one in action.

Brendan O'Connor

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  1. Lose the prop; replace it with pedal-power like the Pub-Crawl Bike, and have mandatory life vest (for the drunks who fall overboard) and we’re good to go! lol

  2. Looks fun but another outlet for “sue happy” people to get $$$…ummm nope. They can stay privately owned.

  3. My vote is a no! It’s become annoying enough with the music blasting 24/7. And the abuse of the swans. Now, not a good idea at all for such a small lake.