Propagation has announced on their Instagram account (@_propagation_) that they will be closing their Mills 50 furniture store/coffee bar at the end of May to pursue other projects.

Here is their post, below. Due to the length of the post, we had to cut it into two separate captures.



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  1. Who woulda thunk that in order to maintain a brick and mortar business that you’d have to create a business model that actually encourages people to spend their money at your business. #midcenturyrentprices

  2. But …but …what am I going to post on Instagram at 3pm in the afternoon on a Tuesday? (i.e. the only time they were actually open after making five separate attempts to try them out since October.)

  3. Not since The Funky Monkey was going under have I seen such rude remarks on yelp from a business owner! Maybe they’re friends 🙂 I live walking distance to Propagation and never made it in since I drink my espresso before NOON!

  4. I stopped going after I witnessed the owner become rude with customers on several occasions. Good bye!

  5. I work just down the street, as of this past October, and found them EXCEPTIONAL. I love their offerings, the vibe, the convo, the space and the Brazilian coffee is the best I’ve ever had. I will soooooo miss my regular visits 🙁

  6. Wow… that’s not the best way to handle negative reviews, is it. Holy crap.

  7. Thank you to the owners for taking a risk and opening your lovely shop. Very sorry to see an independent coffee shop go in our hood! Wishing you much luck and success and hoping someone else with a cool idea takes a risk on the space to build on what you started!

  8. I never really understood how to shop for furniture there. I did feel like Michael (I call him killer Michael) made the best cappuccino in Orlando.

  9. What’s funny is that when they responded rudely to an email I sent them, they talked about how much of a vision they had for the kind of coffee shop they wanted for Orlando, as the husband is an Orlando native…. Guess that changed U0001f602

  10. We love the owners. They were featured in one of our Bungalower Bundles and they’ve been nothing but gracious and welcoming to us in the past. We wish them nothing but good things in the future.

  11. Please don’t be rude to them – they are a family business first and great and unique people who will be missed. I wish them cheer !

  12. This makes me sad! They were super nice and heir Yelp account was my favorite thing to read after a long day! Best of luck to the owners! Being a small business owner is tough and I only wish them the best!

  13. Thought their coffee was ok but the place was pretentious. Takes a whole new dimension now that I read their comments to Yelp reviews.

  14. The fact that they lasted for more than a year is really what’s surprising.

  15. they weren’t going to let customer feedback stand in the way of their “vision”…in my opinion they should have just sold mid mod furniture and dispensed with the coffee part…they could have been a tad friendlier…they were standoffish and rude….even by central florida standards…

  16. Lol they complain that the same problems were being reported over and over and say yelp reviews have no effect in their announcement they are closing?

  17. They hate being in Orlando, then I hope Mickey Mouse smacks them on the way out.

  18. This isn’t really a shock…they were constantly dinged for their unfriendliness and the hipster motif will only go so far…read their yelp reviews….pretty much you hated the place or loved it…here is an example of their replies to yelp reviews: “Other than that, you yelpers are just getting redundant and boring. Bad yelp reviews used to be hilarious but now you all just complain about the same things over and over, it’s not even fun to reply to anymore. Ironically enough we just announced today that we are closing our brick and mortar store at the end of the month to do furniture and design full time for our “precious New York and California clientele”. The space is only “nice for other businesses to use” because we made it that way. Get a grip and realize that your Yelp reviews don’t have an effect on businesses. It’s just a pathetic attempt for the powerless to feel they have power over something. Anyone with half a brain does not actually take Yelp seriously. Cheers, buddy.
    Updated Response:
    You didn’t make us angry at all. Yelp seems to think we take all this seriously, let me spoil it for you, we don’t. If you had a more clever Yelp review you would’ve gotten a better response but it was just boring, as I stated before. Our closing doesn’t have to do with money but if it makes you feel better you’re welcome to assume it does, it has more to do with time and not wanting to spend so much of it in Orlando. Tell you what, instead of attempting to critique everyone else’s businesses why don’t you actually start one of your own?”