Can you tell me if the seemingly never ending N Bumby project is on schedule?
Why has work not started on the Corrine drive end of Bumby?

Why is the Corrine and Bumby stop light still functioning as if Bumby was not closed? It’s red on Corrine all the time with no cars on the cross street? Why did they not revert to a flashing light until work is done and the road reopened?” – Todd Milner

According to City Hall, the Bumby road resurfacing project, which we have written about before HERE  and HERE, is still projected to be finished in the Spring of 2017.

The City is reporting that they left the signal operational to “facilitate the safe crossing of Corrine for pedestrians and bicyclists who live near there.” Also, it conveniently provides some traffic control for Corrine speed limits. We’ve written about the state of Corrine Drive HERE in an I Wish This Was column.

The section of Bumby Avenue from Oregon to Corrine is scheduled to begin construction in the next two weeks.  MOT plans have already been approved for this phase.  Some water line work has already been completed in this phase.
The Public Works website is a great way to stay updated with the project, and is updated monthly.

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  1. I wish more people who sped put themselves in your situation when doing so. It literally angers me when I witness drivers disregard school zones, pretend neighborhoods are simply extensions of Colonial Dr, and forget there are children and pedestrians using roadways as well. I live close to Lakemont and see this every single day.

  2. I commute by bicycle to work. Almost every morning when commuting westbound across Bumby via Virginia, I see an absurd amount of vehicle, specifically trucks, flying down Bumby and other surrounding roads. This is certainly an issue seeing as Bumby is a residential area.

  3. Tami Newcomb the speeding down Glenwood is bad as well 🙁 I’ve voiced my concerns numerous times but they’ve fallen on deaf ears. I was hopeful my street would get temporary speed bumps as we are being used as a cut through but no such luck :-/

  4. Please STOP SPEEDING down Glenwood when you use it as a cut through! People are zipping by at atrocious speeds. My kids have to ride bikes on the road as we have no sidewalks.

  5. Are they installing speed control bumps on Bumby…similar to Lake Howell road (lakemont north)?

  6. Can’t wait! Never realized before how often I used Bumby…until it wasn’t there anymore…

  7. There is also a road on the other side of Corrine that has traffic that uses the light.

  8. How about opening the south end of Bumby to local traffic once they move to phase II?