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Angels Landing building to become craft wine and beer bar


The former home of quirky second hand shop, Angels Landing, will now house a new craft wine and beer bar called Grape & The Grain (Facebook).

The space is located on just to the east of Ten 10 Brewing (Facebook | Website) on the other side of the Orlando Urban Trail [GMap].

According to their Facebook page, the new bar will offer wine from around the world, but with an emphasis on Spain and South America. Craft beer will be from all American breweries, some sourced locally and they will also serve small plates and charcuterie (we just wrote about that that means HERE, in our first Food Du Jour with Chef Bob) and specialty cheeses.


Monthly art exhibits and live music are planned as well.

The building is still in the process of being built out, but they are aiming for an opening in September of this year.

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  1. Hey Stacy Milaschewski, we just spoke with the management and they said that no stores in Florida are closing. The website is defaulting to a store in Kansas for some reason, which is closing. This one is supposedly staying put.

  2. That little building is old and has some interesting history attached. I read in FB Historic Orlando II it was, “used as the railroad station for the town of Formosa, which was swallowed up by Orlando in 1928, later it was a stop for the dinky line. It’s also said it was the town of Formosa post office for a brief moment”. Fun facts, right?

  3. Hi Stephen, thanks for sharing! We knew the building was historic from the 1920’s but we were unaware of the history and what the use of the gilding was. I’ve been intending on doing some research and seeing if I can find old photos of it to put throughout the wine bar to honor its history. Please let us know if you have access to any or come across them!

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