Orlando’s Audubon Park Garden District has been selected as a 2016 Great American Main Street Award winner. Audubon Park Garden District (APGD) was presented the award at the 2016 Main Street Now Conference held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Audubon Park Garden District’s success is attributed to the creation of 521 new jobs since 2009, the rehabilitation of two abandoned buildings (including the $3M East End Market project), and the district’s efforts to secure $3.5 million in private investment. 

The other two winners include Shaw District in Washington, D.C., and Dahlonega, Georgia. To learn about GAMSA and previous winners, click HERE.

For more information about Audubon Park Garden District, visit www.audubonparkgardens.com and find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. Thank you Curbed for your recognition! We are speechless on the amount of support and love coming Audubon Park Garden District’s way.

  2. Dave Shaw, would you mind sharing what you do to improve this community? I just don’t seem to recognize you…

  3. Dave I’ve lived here since 1990. It’s actually more racially diverse now than it was then, although I can’t speak to the income comparison offhand, as I don’t have the data readily available. I will look it up when I get back. But back to the point, you’re saying you don’t want to want on any of our sustainability, litter or food security projects?

  4. Jennifer Marvel
    I grew up in that neighborhood, I played Basketball on Corrine Drive Churches court.
    That neighborhood was far more diverse in the 1980′ and 90’s.
    Great to hear privileged well off white people have a clean neighborhood, mean while other neighborhoods are ignored and poor children in Orlando still don’t have food.
    You guys shouldn’t pat yourselves on the back so hard.

  5. We do a wide range of programming, Dave. Since our founding in 2009 our volunteers have picked over 600 pounds of trash off the streets and kept over 1000 cigarette butts out of our storm water (and thus our lakes); we’ve run an organic community garden since 2010 for the area; we run three big community events that are free to all (Kidsfest, Bastille Day and Zombietoberfest); we’ve planted over 500 plants in the area, including dozens of pollinator plants that provide food, shelter and nesting areas for native pollinators; we are currently working with the City of Orlando – Your City Government to become an EocDistrict – current initiatives include tree plantings and composting programs – longterm projects include water, energy and social equity initiatives; we offer free workshops for all; we provide behind-the-scenes technical help for any business that wants it (including those who have start ups and lack a brick and mortar location); we promote local farming and fair wages for local farms; we help promote local businesses and encourage people to shop locally in order to have that multiplier effect that keeps more dollars in Central Florida, which is good for everyone; we’ve been advocating for better public design and bicycle facilities, which has resulted in a Bike Share station on Corrine; and we have been working with OCPS to create a biodiverse urban forest in the area, which will be anchored at the new school when it opens in 2018, because we are concerned about air quality for all, and habitat for native species. And far from being rich – our area’s average household income is under Orlando’s average, according to the U.S. census. This is all I can think of off the top of my head – I’m sure there is more. Since we are volunteer driven, if any of this sounds of interest to you, I’d love for you to volunteer with us. Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] – we can always use more help!