A master plan to redevelop over 11 acres of property in Downtown South into retail/office and apartments has been submitted to the City of Orlando.

The application includes plans for 94,000 SF of retail/office, 300 multi-family units, and a parking garage. The proposal is seeking approval for changes in Future Land Use, Zoning and Special Plan updates, and Annexation. The developer will still need to go through their second reading to get a green light for this first phase of their planned development, currently named Southside Shoppes.

The planned location for the hopeful development is southeastern corner of Pineloch Avenue and South Orange Avenue [GMap].

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  1. Would love to hear some updates on this project. Heard a Lucky’s Market is going in there and a new Starbucks.

  2. Being able to go 45 mph down Orange Ave by strip malls and parking lots is not everyone’s version of quaint.

  3. Do they realize how terrible the traffic already is there. I guess it was just a matter of time before our quaint area was ruined.

  4. The parking garage isn’t quite as ugly as the monstrosity on Mills and Virginia, but few things are. Prime balcony space overlooking TFM’s parking lot, with a prime view of a car wash and pizza chain.

  5. ^^ OCPS is tending toward mega schools (see new k-8 above). Must be, at least in part, a resource/cost thing. I get it, but we LOVE our neighborhood schools and are fortunate enough to be able to walk.

  6. I’d love to see more smaller schools being built in neighborhoods where we can get back to the days of walking and biking to school.

  7. My biggest concern is the fact that the schools that it will be zoned for are overcapacity. How are they going to handle even more students than they have now?

  8. The more mixed-use communities that are designed for walkability (granted I haven’t seen full plans for this yet) that we have instead of strip malls and parking lots, the less reliant we will be on cars. Now we just need to focus on transit and better infrastructure for people walking and biking.

  9. 300 multi family units? Where is the infrastructure to handle that many new people? The schools, Boone & blankner, are already over capacity. Needless to say traveling right there on South Orange is never a joy ride since it’s almost always backed up.