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New cooperative retail concept moving into Propagation space


EDIT: We received the following note from Retain Reinvention concerning their involvement with the project:

“We are flattered and appreciative that you mentioned Retail Reinvention in your recent post about Re:Innovation; however, we are not involved in any way with Re:Innovation.  We assisted in the redesign of the overall Artegon Marketplace.  But again, we have no partnership with Re:Innovation.”


The papers are still being signed but build-out has already begun in the former Propagation space in Mills 50 [GMap]. Propagation closed last month, more on that HERE.

The new shop, named The District (Facebook), will soon house merchandise and goods from a variety of local businesses, but will be spearheaded by the people behind Re:Innovation (Facebook), a popular reclaimed furniture maker. Other businesses that will be selling their wares on commission include a vintage clothing company, local bath product maker, vegan baked goods, a local coffee vendor, air plants and orchids, and more. District co-owner, Jamey Harper, let us know that the businesses are still signing their agreements and that they would release their names once all the i’s have been dotted.

The team is already planning special events like wine tastings and coffee socials to raise funds for local organizations like the Mills 50 District (Website) and the Barber Fund (Website).

Re:Innovation are the team behind the artist stalls at Artegon Marketplace, the tables at Restaurant Ash, and the new tables and benches for the upcoming Se7en Bites location.

A team from Retail Reinvention (Website), a visual merchandising and retail design company in New York, will be helping with the overall form and function of the shop. Opening is tentatively scheduled between the last weekend of June and the second weekend of July.


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  1. Read the bungalower write up…exciting stuff. With a Mills 50 District fundraiser at The District @ Mills 50 already in the works! Say that 5 times fast 😉

  2. You mean to purchase a membership in the Main Street? Yes, that’s possible. For instance, some entities at Loch Haven Park are members, even though they operate in Ivanhoe Village.

  3. Yes, thank you- I am a fiber artist looking for an outlet to market my work. If this is a good fit for your concept I would greatly appreciate additional information.

  4. Hey Debra, it’s not our concept, we just wrote about it. You should reach out to the folks at The District for more information.

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