We’ve put together a resource that we will keep up to date with information that as a local resident you might be looking for. Something you’re looking for that isn’t here? Let us know.

Victim Assistance
The City of Orlando has set up the Family Assistance Center at the Camping World Stadium for families of those who were involved in the shooting. More on that HERE.

If you are looking to donate, local groups created an official Go Fund Me page to raise money for the victims. This is the official one being managed by The Center, MBA, Hope and Help, Two Spirit Health, Zebra Coalition, Rollins.

Physical donations to the victims in the hospital are being discouraged as the staff is already very taxed, and they’re running out of room. If you would like to donate flowers or memorial items you are encouraged to bring them to the lawn in front of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts at 445 S. Magnolia Avenue.


The City of Orlando is listing the names of the victims on their website. Click here for the list of victims.


The City of Orlando has issued the following statement on their Facebook page concerning Public Vigils:


There was a massive vigil at the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center on June 13 at 7 p.m. and are coordinating another for later in the week. All other vigils and public gatherings are still asked to register with the City to ensure the safety of those attending.

City-wide prayer service at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, June 14 at First Baptist Orlando (3000 South John Young Parkway, Orlando, FL).

To help aid in the outpouring of support from the community, the City of Orlando is asking those interested in volunteering to fill out a form HERE. City staff will contact you as the need arises and based your area of expertise.

Blood Donations
OneBlood is still accepting O Negative, O Positive and AB Plasma blood donors. One Blood is asking those that are not or do not know your blood type to please wait until later in the week and that you make an appointment by calling 1.888.9.DONATE (1.888.936.6283). Please note FDA regulations are still in place for blood donations according to OneBlood.

We’ve listed all confirmed blood donation locations and times HERE.

The GLBT Center and Zebra Coalition are offering counseling services for those who need it. The community can call the Zebra Coalition hotline at 407-228-1446 or 407-822-5036, and counselors will be on site at The Center at 946 N Mills Ave and at the First Unitarian Church at 1901 E Robinson St throughout the day and week.

Checking on Friends
You can use the Facebook Safety Check to let your friends and family know you’re OK by marking yourself safe. And you can also see the status of your friends who have checked in. Victims are being identified on the City’s website here.

Checking on Family
If you are trying to locate family members who you think may have been involved you can call the City’s hotline at 407-246-4357 for more information.

Orlando Health is asking asking families to stay home tonight and to return in the morning at 10 a.m. at the Beardall Senior Center, 800 S. Delaney.

Road Closures
Orange Ave will be closed from Kaley to Grant Sunday and Monday. Use alternate routes (Division, Summerlin and Delaney) to access downtown. We’ve assembled a list of Downtown South businesses, with the aid of Downtown South Main Street, that will need patronage when the streets reopen at the end f the week, HERE.





There are a number of ways the community is reaching out to support those affected by the shootings:

  • There are plenty of places to get t-shirts that give back to local causes here in town, but very few are selling shirts in brick and mortar shops. HERE is a list of places where you can grab a shirt and go.
  • Floral shops are donating arrangements, click HERE for more information.
  • College Park-based Craft a Brew, is selling its new Orlando Strong Ale home beer-brewing kit to raise money for the Pulse Victims Fund set up by Equality Florida.
  • The Hammered Lamb is hosting a fundraiser for the employees of Pulse nightclub on Wednesday, June 15, from 4-8 p.m.
  • JetBlue is offering free flights to immediate families of the victims. Call 1-800-538-2583 for more information.
  • College Park United Methodist is offering free facilities and funeral services for families of the victims. Contact 307-843-7197 for more information. Northland Church is providing free services as well, if interested, contact Sharon Ferreira at 407-949-7189.
  • Orlando Weekly is offering free obituaries for victims’ families. Contact [email protected].
  • A number of Animal organizations are available to care for the pets of the victims. You can contact the Pixel Fund, Winter Park Lost Pets, or the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando if you know someone who needs assistance.


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  1. Are there any yoga communities offering services? I’m a yoga teacher currently living in DC but from Orlando and will be down this weekend for unrelated reasons. I would love to connect with any community classes/donation based classes/offer services for those needing to breathe a little deeper and feel some release from this tragedy.

  2. Alaska and Delta are also offering to help families of victims. 888-327-2755 for Alaska and 800-221-1212 for Delta. Their respective website have further details.

  3. Hello
    I strongly believe that any one can lend a helping hand about the orlando shooting victims which happened and we are using media to ask to give what ever you have to support the US goverment kindly reply with the following information to  Mrs Edward Joyce on([email protected]) thank you!


  4. Tallahassee Vigils:

    A solidarity gathering will begin at 7:30 p.m., Sunday, at Lake Ella.
    Those wishing to speak are asked to arrive by 7:15 p.m. The event aims
    to give people a chance to offer one another support and their thoughts.
    On Monday, a candlelit vigil, the more formal of the two events, will take place on the steps of the state Capitol, at 6:30 p.m.

  5. Ashley you can call the City’s hotline at 407-246-4357 for more information. Best wishes.

  6. Vigil for Peace tomorrow at 11:30 am at Knowles Memorial Chapel at
    Rollins College. Our senior minister at First Congregational Church of
    Winter Park, Shawn Garvey, will be facilitating, and all are lovingly
    welcome. Please pass it on.

  7. edeckers  We have asked OPD and the City of Orlando and have not heard back. We are not posting any of the Vigils that people were discussing that are at public parks but we are posting individual organizations that have posted they will be doing something.

  8. They did in the news conference I was listening to, can’t say which one it was, as I was in the car transporting supplies. Vigils are great and important, I just want everyone to stay safe!

  9. They’re fine for today Lisa Everett, but you can still make an appointment for later in the week.

  10. Both the City of Orlando – Your City Government and the OPD have yet to publicly state that Taylor Jean. We’re trying to find out though. Large public gatherings could certainly complicate things for our police force which is already very busy.

  11. Hey Bungalower, city officials are begging for the vigils to be put on hold as there aren’t enough officials to keep everyone safe. Just a heads up.

  12. I’m hearing that law enforcement is asking for no vigils to be held tonight. Can you confirm?

    1. They have yet to make an official statement. Typically, that is the case, as police resources are stretched thin in instances like this and mass gatherings of people can put even more pressure on them. We’ve reached out to the City and the OPD for an update.

  13. They started turning people away for blood donations today at the Michigan St. location but they said you could check back later in the week.
    Also, is there anything the organizers need at the victims’s family set up at the Hampton Inn?

  14. That’s true, but OneBlood will be taking donations throughout the week. Thanks for trying Christian!

  15. First Unitarian is full, here are the options they have posted: 451 Altamont and 2566 E Colonial are open now till 9 and 6pm respectively. Edit: I think that’s the Altamonte Mall and the second location is definitely Colonial Town Center – the line starts to the right of Total Wine. Edit^2: no bus coming to colonial town center. Make an appointment for this week on their website which is up again.

  16. Yes, I went to another location & they recommended making an appt bc they’re at capacity. They will still need blood through the week.

  17. We were told by a woman that came from the Unitarian church that they were out of supplies to collect blood

  18. Thanks, Bungalower! You are the best! This is the kind of news the other outlets *should* be posting!

  19. We’ll be praying for the city and the LGBT community tonight at City Beautiful Church at 6 and 8pm.

  20. One Bloodmobile is in Altamonte Springs at the AMC theatre at the Altamonte Mall, 433 E Altamonte Dr.

  21. Donation Center locations:
    First Unitarian Church
    1901 East Robinson Street
    Orlando, FL 32803
    now through 1 PM
    Weingarten Realty
    2566 E Colonial Drive
    12 pm-6 pm
    Orlando Donor Center
    8669 Commodity Circle
    now til 1 o’clock
    West Orlando Donor Center
    345 W Michigan St Suite 106
    now til 2 o’clock