UPDATE: We’ve posted the letter to the Chief HERE.

UPDATE: The sitting Executive Director of the GLBT Center has posted the following message on Facebook. We contacted the OPD and they said that Westboro has not filed for a permit, but that this afternoon they had sent a letter to the Chief saying that they plan to come. They have to now apply for a permit and the person we spoke with said that they had not filed anything yet.



UPDATE: Westboro Baptist issued the following tweet on their @WBCSaysRepent account today at 11:21 a.m.: “Update! The warnings of Jesus Christ to be preached in Orlando this Saturday, 6/18/16.


According to a recent tweet by the Orlando Police Department, the controversial Westboro Baptist Church will not be coming to Orlando.

Rumors had surfaced earlier in the week that the group would be coming to protest at the funerals of the victims of the recent Pulse Orlando Shooting. The OPD requests that all counter protests be cancelled as they would place undue hardship on the police force at this time.

The OPD also said, “Should those plans change, Westboro will contact the affected law enforcement agencies before coming to CF.”

If any Orlando residents are looking for something to do with their time, please see our comprehensive list of “How You Can Help & What Locals Need to Know.”





Brendan O'Connor

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  1. They protest everything. Military funerals. The funeral for the little girl who was also shot when Gabby Giffords was shot. We, as a country, should just ignore them. They just want attention. Somehow, we need to decrease their publicity.

  2. Is it possible get a permit to park some large box trucks in front of the area from which they will be allowed to protest (which hopefully will be across the street) and blast the Beatles “All you need is love” or something at them?

  3. Here is the Facebook page for updates on where they are going and how to join the legal counter protest.

  4. They are here. They were protesting yesterday at a funeral. They will be doing this on Saturday as well. Please be more careful with what you post.

  5. I was going to say what Scott Chastain said.. Their Twitter contradicts that statement.. and I wouldn’t believe them for a NY Minute… Stay alert my friends….

  6. *BOOM!*
    “What happened???”
    “Someone blew up Westboro Church!”
    “Oh. Do you suppose they will claim, “God sent the bomber??”

  7. So strong for an account that doesn’t even allow open direct messages . 4 chan gave out their families places of employment to troll a while back, it was great. They are truly insufferable people .