Graffiti artists working via the Walls of Pho Hoa permission walls group (Facebook) have just completed a tribute mural on the southern side of the Pho Hoa restaurant. The work was created by Luce Sky (Instagram) and HepsFury (Instagram).

The mural will be visible from the courtyard/parking space of the new Se7en Bites location at 3457 E Colonial Drive [GMap]. More on that HERE.

The was was originally meant to be covered with a new wooden fence, but the Se7en Bites owners agreed to work with Pho Hoa to leave a portion of the wall visible to the public as part of a tribute to those who were touched by the recent shootings at Pulse Orlando nightclub.

We’ve written about the permission walls at Pho Hoa previously, HERE.


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  1. very nicely done, a great addition to our city and a perfect memorial – hope they are able to stay up!

  2. thanks for the photo. 😀 Heps Fury and i , Luce Sky finished last saturday night. thanks everybody that stopped by to help spread the love of this city . #orlandostrong

  3. And this one too!
    This is the building between Track Shack and Will’s Pub on North Mills Avenue (US 17/92).