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Studio Photo Tour: A peek inside the Shoe Bakery


While touring Boy Kong’s studio last week, we met Chris Campbell, the talented owner of the Shoe Bakery (Facebook | Website), who invited us to come see his work space.

The Shoe Bakery is a local shoe shop that makes “sweet treats for your feet.” Local artist Chris Campbell and his wife, Aiesha Campbell, create each custom shoes that look like desserts. The shoes range from red velvet, to melted ice cream, to cinnamon buns and gingerbread. They also recently branched out into handbags and key chains.

They don’t have a brick and mortar store at the moment, but they are shipping their product all over the world from their Orlando warehouse. Dubai, Australia, and Germany seem to be their biggest fans at the moment.

To see their online shop, click HERE.

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IMG_6067 (2)

IMG_6058 (2)

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IMG_6071 (2)

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IMG_6077 (2)

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IMG_6082 (2)

IMG_6083 (2) IMG_6084 (2)

IMG_6086 (2)

IMG_6088 (2)

IMG_6091 (2)

IMG_6096 (2)

Campbell with one of his 2D pieces
Campbell with one of his 2D pieces



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