An applicant has proposed a 12 unit townhouse project on located east of Formosa Ave, south of Indiana Ave and north of Harmon Ave, at 1230 Formosa Ave [GMap].

The subject property is ±0.649 acres and currently hosts a single family home. A request for annexation application (ANX2016-00002) was approved at the May 17, 2016 MPB meeting. Upon annexation from Winter Park, the property will be within City Council District 3, which is represented by City Commissioner Robert F. Stuart. The Orange County future land use designation for the subject property is Low Density Residential and R-2 zoning. The applicant has requested future land use designation of Residential Medium Intensity and PD/T/W zoning.

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  1. Get out! I nannied from 01-03 in park slope and lived in brooklyn heights,Clinton st, that did not pay my 2650$ studio rent at all but I had other means to survive. My employers had children that are my kids age now, owned a brownstone and were miserable 🙁

  2. Stacy Milaschewski – My wife and I moved back 2 years ago after living in Clinton Hill Brooklyn for the previous 6 years.
    We just couldn’t afford a home, a kid (she just turned 2 months) and daycare ($30 thousand a year in our area of Brooklyn!) while making above 6 figures!
    Now we have a mid century modern College Park home that’s almost 3000 sq ft for LESS than our rent was in our unfinished “luxury” 850 sq ft industrial loft in Brooklyn!

  3. Jeffery McClain that’s why I’m back prams on the MTA are a pain in the…. And no one walks in LA U0001f602

  4. Zach Busby – Older single family homes that are attractive are fine. What was on Formosa and at the confluence of Princeton and Smith streets weren’t attractive or well planned.
    What the critics of urban infill fail to understand is that contrary to their argument about it having a negative effect on their home values…it in fact does the opposite in the long run.
    If everyone around you lives in a town home or apartment and you have a single-family home…demand will INCREASE your home value.
    Don’t think so?
    Go try to buy an “affordable” single-family residence in North Brooklyn or Northern Los Angeles!

  5. Tyler Ann Eberhart hear and feel that ! ?? about a year ago we hit some back streets to us – friend lives on main drag of Corrine I was scoping some Christmas lights and mentioned a new development similar to this and we all said eh nahh not possible not good etc. and now here it is. Feel your pain born/raised Maitland minus college upstate and I cried when goodings was demolished – Maitland is an atrocity . Let’s all hope for the best ✌?️✌?☀️

  6. I’m a fan of tradition and the older style homes might not look as nice but if they get remodeled or additions put on to them they become not an eyesore. structurally they are better built than anything you will buy today. Personally I would never buy a town home don’t think it’s a good investment.

  7. Tyler Ann Eberhart – Urban infill into College Park was always inevitable. Edgewater Dr. is a major corridor north out of Downtown.
    The metro area currently has a population ~3 million.
    Projected population in 2050?
    ~6-7 million.
    We CAN’T sprawl out…have to build UP.

  8. Annexed from Winter Park? You may want to double check that. How would is have County zoning and FLU if it’s in Winter Park?

  9. Tyler Ann Eberhart – Just frustrated with shortsighted uninformed neighbors who post “No High Density” yard signs in a reactionary attempt to forestall inevitable urban infill and development.
    The Princeton (case in point) will sit just 2000 meters from Lake Eola.
    In other words, STILL DOWNTOWN to everyone but those oblivious to reality.
    What was there until a month ago was a series of run down tenements and homes built in the 1940’s and ’50’s with NO architectural value. Eyesore.
    The Princeton may not be a gorgeous luxury building, but income distribution is great for communities and working stiffs need a place to live too.
    At our pace of urban infill, the Princeton (and these town homes) will probably end up raised within 2 decades anyway!

  10. I also believe making our area more “urban” typically brings in more people (obviously) and allows for more crime. I don’t know about you but I never remember hearing about home invasions and robberies in the College Park area growing up… More people= more problems!

  11. Pati Jaeger – so true Pati. Formosa has always been an eyesore. Will these people EVER concede that the “Old College Park” left much to be desired?
    Probably not!

  12. Jeffery McClain I’m so glad we both have that in common. I was also born and raised in College Park with the exception of when I left for college. I like the feel of a smaller community. Making it an “urban” community just doesn’t feel quite right. No need to include an attitude or ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in your response U0001f44d

  13. So exciting! So many town homes being developed now…
    We’re well on our way to being a true URBAN community!

  14. Cry me a river lady. I was BORN and RAISED here in College Park. So excited to finally see change. We’re an URBAN community now. Can’t feel it?

  15. Pretty horrible to see how much College Park is changing. The small community feeling is gone and replaced with commercialized crap.